Random Ramblings: MEDIEVAL TIMES

Monday, September 29, 2014


This is one of my favorite pictures I took while we were at Medieval Times.  I love all the colors surrounding the horse.  

For Jacob's birthday me and the kids took him to Medieval Times.  None of us have ever been and Jacob and I love the time period.  I would love to live back where there was castles and no phones or televisions and the way to communicate was with messengers on horses.  I love the clothes they wore back then and just the castles.  Who wouldn't love to live in a castle?  Well even the way they lived back then, seemed like life was much simpler than it is now.  I think I was born in the wrong time period.  Even one of my favorite tv shows is REIGN on the CW Network.  

So I was excited to be able for our little family to go to Medieval Times.  

We got there and I had to take a picture of Jacob and the kids in front of a Knight on a horse out front.  Chloe had to go to the bathroom really bad too.  

We went in and had a picture taken with the King and Princess.  Then we were given our color.  We were going to be seated in the yellow section.  We got the cool yellow crowns to wear for the night.   

Our wench came around and asked us what drinks we wanted and brought us some castle bread (also known as garlic bread).  
The food was really good.  We a tomato bisque soup with the garlic bread.  Then we had chicken and ribs and these potatoes that were really good.  
The show started and they introduced the knights and the King and Princess.  

The show was really good and the knights fight in a battle.  

After all the battles the knights go around and throw carnations to the audience.  Chloe got one and was SO excited to get a flower from our knight.  She LOVES knights and princesses and castles.  She still asks almost everyday when we will go back to the castle.  

Towards the end In the end one knight calls out another and they battle each other.  

After you are done eating they come and take all your plates and bring you boxes if you have food to take home.  Then they bring you an apple pastry for dessert.

It was alot of fun to watch the knights fight and have your own color to root for.  The food was good and it was a fun way to spend some family time to celebrate Jacob's birthday.

Next time I think we want to try the Pirates Dinner Adventure.  It is just a few doors down from Medieval Times and it is the same concept as this, just with Pirates.  Which we also love pirates.

Have  you ever been to Medieval Times or anything like it? Id love to hear or read about your experience.  



  1. Looks like a really fun night! Great photos, too!

    1. Thank you. I really struggle with indoor dark photos. I am working on my settings and I think I did ok this time. It was a fun night and I am so glad we went. I can't wait until next time to try the Pirates one.