Random Ramblings: MY BIRTHDAY TRIP - PART 2

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


So Saturday morning we got up and laid around in the super comfy bed and watched a little tv.  Then we decided we should get up and go have breakfast.  So we took our showers and while I was doing my makeup Jacob called me out to the patio. There was tons of hot air balloons all around us.  Some were so close I swear you could reach up and touch them.  Not really, but they seemed that close.  
I snapped a few pictures and finished up getting ready to go.  As we drove over to the restaurant, you could just see them for miles and miles.  It was such a site, quite beautiful. I loved how they just added a pop of color to the overcast sky that morning.  

We had our breakfast, another amazing meal.  I had pancakes and Jacob ordered a burrito that he said was excellent as well.  He also had a side of bacon, and mine had a side of fruit.  

After breakfast I set the timer on my camera, propped the camera up on my sweater on the hood of the car and took a few pictures of me and Jacob.  Normally I hate being in front of the camera, but the grapes were just so beautiful and I wanted something to remember this trip.  Of course I didn't curl my hair until after this, figures.  :)

I think this is the one I am going to frame for our living room wall.  

On Friday we drove past the barrel house and the doors were closed already, so on our way back to the room after breakfast they were open.  Jacob stopped for me so I could walk up and grab a few shots with my camera.  It was cold in there, and smelled just like wine.  It was really cool to see all the barrels though from floor to ceiling.  

We went back to the room for a bit and just relaxed until it was check out time.  It was nice just to sit on the couch, just the two of us and watch a little tv.  Quiet and definitely different from watching tv at home lol.  
I also curled my hair while we were relaxing.  I was definitely having an awesome hair day that day for sure.  :) 

I couldn't stop taking pictures of the beautiful grape vines and flowers while we were there.  There was beauty all around.  
Be ready for an overload of grape vine pictures.  :) 
This was actually Friday night after dinner, and our walk around the winery.  I loved how the sun was setting and  coming through the grape vines.  

More sunset picture with the leaves.  

There was a ton of purple and green grapes, just everywhere.  So pretty.  

These grapes were right outside our room door.  It says you can sample them, so I did and there were seeds :)  .  Still good grapes just be careful of the seeds.  

There were beautiful flowers there along with all these amazing grape vines.  
These flowers were down by the waterfall that we found on our walk around the winery after dinner. 

After we checked out we walked over to the gift shop and he bought me a turquoise winery sweatshirt.  

On our way home we stopped at a little avocado stand to get him some avocados.  He loves avocados, so we couldn't go to avocado country and not come home without any.  We also bought some fresh strawberries and grapes too. 
It was such an amazing trip. I loved that Jacob planned all this and surprised me like he did.  It was such a nice time to get away just the two of us, something we don't do often enough at all.  
This was our selfie on the way home.  
It was such an amazing trip. I loved that Jacob planned all this and surprised me like he did.  It was such a nice time to get away just the two of us, something we don't do often enough at all.  

But that wasn't even the end of my surprises.  We came home to a big surprise party he planned for me.  WOW!!  I was so surprised that I cried when we pulled up to the house and everyone, friends and family were all outside (in the rain) holding signs up for me.  My brother and his wife and their girls drove all the way from Sacramento the night before and went home the next morning just to come for the party.  My dear friend drove all the way from Tehachapi for the party, family came from far, friends came.  It was truely amazing and I cried.  Not tears of sadness, but tears of happiness.  Happiness to have all these amazing people in my life that were there and those that couldn't make it as well, but wanted to be.
It was overwhelming all the love I felt that weekend and was just a reminder of how lucky I am.  So thank you everyone for those memories, but thank you mostly to my wonderful husband who planned
 all this and took the time to make me feel so very special.  I loved our time away together and I hope we can do it more often.  I love you so much.  Thank you!  

If you want to check out the winery you can do so


                       pleast note : I was not paid to write this post, all the thoughts and opinions are all of my own. 

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