Random Ramblings: PROJECT LIFE : WEEK 11

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Project Life
week 11
march 9 – march 15

 Ramblings from week 11:
Sunday : The kids on the front porch today enjoying a popsicle.  Our little cuties.  They are growing up so fast. 

Monday : Chloe painted her own toenails today.  So is so girly and lover her nails painted. 

Tuesday : Chloe decided that today was a good day to play in the tub with all her millions of toys.  No water, just playing.  Whatever makes her happy.  Silly girl.

Thursday : Caleb’s float for school.  I had a lot of fun helping him make this. 
Chloe being crafty this week too.  She loves all things crafty. 

Friday : I brought Natalie and Nathan home with me today after dance class.  We had dinner at our house for Jacob’s moms birthday. 

Saturday : I went wedding dress shopping with Michelle, Debbie, Jamie and all the little girls today.  We went to a few stores, and then went to lunch at La Casita. 
While the girls were shopping the guys all went fishing.  Caleb caught a big fish. 
I picked up Debbie after and we met them out at the lake.  I  always love a good silhouette sunset! 

Happy Documenting !

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  1. Great job keeping up on your PL! I love all the fun little details you capture.