Random Ramblings: PROJECT LIFE : WEEK 12

Monday, October 20, 2014


Project Life
week 12
march 16 – march 22

Ramblings from week 12: (SPRING BREAK )
Sunday : Miss Chloe!  She is out sweeping the front yard dirt with the house broom while just in her underwear and my slippers. 

Monday :  ST. PATRICKS DAY.  I dressed the kids in all green and I made them green pancakes and green milk for breakfast.  With lunch I made them green milkshakes. 

Tuesday : I finished the banner I made for Lily’s birthday party.  I love how it turned out.  Another crafty project I finished up this week is the love one another wood sign.

Wednesday : Today Michelle and Joey got married.  They got married at the Hesperia City Hall and then everyone went back to their house for a small reception. 

Thursday : I got an amazingly cheap deal on Hungry Hungry Hippos today at Target.  Can’t beat it for $3.00.  I got 2 and gave Chloe one, and am saving the other one in the gift bucket. 

Friday :  The kids played Hungry Hungry Hippos on the front porch and were catching lady bugs. 

Saturday : Jacob took little Jacob to a birthday party.  Caleb had his tball opening day ceremony.  Then we went to Hailee’s birthday party.   

Happy Documenting !

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