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Sunday, October 12, 2014




  • A good friend and co worker of Jacob's  was killed in a motorcycle accident on his way home from work.  You can see the news video HERE .  It is so sad and my heart hurts for his family. 
  • We had an appointment for little Jacob to see about where we go now for his foot since we have new insurance.  Now we have a PPO so I can just call CHILDRENS HOSPITAL OF LOS ANGELES and get an appointment, no more waiting for referrals. 
  • Had to take the KIA in to the dealer for a part to get fixed.  So thankful that we have a full warranty and we didn't have to pay a dime for it.  
  • I had to go to the Social Security office twice this week. I somehow misplaced mine and the kids cards.  Well little did I know they don't take birth certificates as a form of ID, so I had to go back with another form of ID for Chloe.  I had the boys school ID's in my wallet the first day, so I was able to use those for them. 
  • Chloe had dance class on Wednesday and her teacher is out with a broken leg and had to have surgery. 
  • We got rid of all the puppies (except one that we are probably going to keep).
  • I had a flat tire on Monday after I got off work.  Jacob fixed the hole and it is good as new now. 
  • The kids made friends with the neighbor girls on Thursday and they have been over every day since.  I love that the kids have some little neighborhood friends to play with now.  
  • We went to visit my grandparents on Saturday.  Grandpa Jim has been in and out of the hospital a few times the last few months.  Heck this entire year he has been.  We don't go visit nearly enough at all.  So it was so nice to be able to go out and visit.  We had a nice lunch with them, and then just hung out and visited. Both my aunts were there too and one of my cousins, and my other cousins son.  The kids had a blast playing with him.  It was a great day for sure.
  • I officially met the neighbor girls mom.  We stood and chatted for a bit and she seems really nice.  
  • Netflix has tons of scary movies on lately, I am sure in honor of Halloween.  So for the first time ever I watched Nightmare on Elm Street part 2 and Halloween : Resurrection.  

  • This week I work on Monday and Tuesday.  
  • Jacob is on day shift.  
  • The kids have NO School tomorrow for Columbus day.  I will be able to take them to work with me, so that is nice.  
  • I have an appointment down the hill on Thursday morning, so I am still figuring out about the kids.

  • Just blogs. I am not reading any books at the moment.  I want to find a good book to read, I love reading, but never find the time.  I might try to start Debbie Macomber A Cedar Cove Christmas.  I have had the book for about 2 years and started it a few times, and just haven't gotten past the first chapter.

  • I am playing catch up on sharing my Project Life layouts.  
  • I am working on some blog posts.  
  • Working on several wood sign orders I got in the last few days.  
  • Working on a layout for my Layout A Week post.  
  • Working on a SILHOUETTE AMERICA project for this coming weeks post.

  • I am working on getting caught up.  I have all the photos taken, I am just organizing them to print.  I have all the way until week 19 completed in my album, but organized on my laptop until the end of August.  
  • Also working on sharing the completed weeks up to week 19 on my blog.

  • I know all of our shows started back up this week, but we have not had a chance to watch anything.  I have only been watching Switched at Birth on Netflix each night when we get into bed.  I have been obsessed with that show lately.  I am so intrigued with the sign language.

  • The weather lately has sucked.  I am so ready for fall cooler weather.  It has been in the high 80s to low 90s.  Come on I want fall cold weather.  Heck the leaves on all the trees are still green here.  I love the different foods we eat in the colder weather too, I am so ready for all that.

  • This weekend we had leftovers once for dinner. 
  •  Tonight Jacob made some super yummy chicken eggroll/wontons and marinated beef over rice.  
  • This past week we had some beef bean and cheese burritos, we went to his sisters Friday night for a BBQ for her birthday.  
  • We also had chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy and green beans, and a sausage pasta bake that I am going to share this week on the blog.


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