Random Ramblings: PRAYERS FOR LILY

Monday, November 10, 2014


I wanted to stop by this morning and ask for prayers for my sweet niece Lily.  She is 2 and going in this morning for hip surgery.  She was born with hip dysplasia  and today they are going to fix it.
I pray not only for Lily but for my brother Matt and sister in law Amberley too.
Jacob and I know so well that agonizing torture of having to wait at the hospital while your child, who doesn't quite understand anything going on, is in major surgery.  It is the worst feeling ever.
  Our little Jacob went with my parents to Sacramento to be with them before the surgery and a few days after while they all get settled at home.
If there is anyone that knows exactly what Lily is going to be going through and feeling it is our little Jacob.  He is no stranger to hospitals and surgery that is for sure.  

I wish we could all be there with them during this time, but since we can't I am just glad our little Jacob is able to be there to support her.  He took pictures with him from when he was in the hospital with his casts first on so she can see he had it too.
She has loved having him there with her these past few days.  

Prayers for you my sweet Lily.  


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