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Sunday, November 30, 2014


  • The kids were out of school for Thanksgiving break.  
  • Monday we went to Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles for an appointment for little Jacob.  The appointment went well and he no longer needs to wear the hard plastic brace we are getting him a new kind.  
  • Monday night I went with my parents to the hospital as they took my grandfather off of his ventilators.  Tuesday evening he passed away. 
  • Thursday was Thanksgiving, in the morning we went to my parents house so they could see the kids for a few minutes before they headed off to my grandmas.  Jacob was on graveyard so we didn't go.  He rested for a bit during the day and then we went to his parents house that evening and dinner over there. 
  • We went Black Friday Shopping at Walmart, Target and Dicks Sporting Goods with my mother in law and sister and brother in law.  
  • We waited an hour plus to get into Walmart but got some good deals once we got in there.  We didn't have any specific item we were going for which made it nice to just see what we could find.  
  • Friday we went to my parents house and hung out for a little bit while I got some work done at the same time. 
  • We went to Target and got turkeys for a great price.  I had a -$5.00 off any $20.00 meat purchase.  So we got 2 $11.00 (13 pound turkeys) , used my coupon, used my 10% off cartwheel coupon and my Target debit card that also saved me another 5%.  So we got a great deal, and a turkey for now and one for later.   

  • Saturday I had 2 photo shoots in the morning at Mojave Narrows.
  • Jacob deep fried a turkey Saturday afternoon and it was so good.
  • Today we stayed home ALL day and I worked on wood sign orders and the kids relaxed and played some with the girls next door.  Tomorrow school starts again so they got to bed right on time becuase the Monday after a break is always hard for them.  
  • The weather was cloudy and cold today. I loved it.  We got a tiny sprinkling of rain, but nothing major to even cover the sidewalk all the way.  Bummer, we need rain bad here and I love it.  Hopefully we will get more this week.  

  • The kids go back to school on Monday
  • Tuesday is my grandfathers funeral
  • Wednesday the kids have a school Christmas Performance
  • Thursday evening I'm photographing attendees at a Christmas party. 

  • A friend of mine just got her book on Amazon.  It is called the Amender Series.  Part 1 is now available for purchase.  I have just started reading it.  You can find it on Amazon HERE.  

  • Wood signs
  • Editing 3 more photo shoots
  • Organizing what Christmas gifts I have bought so far and what I still need to buy. 

  • I may just have to embrace the fact that I am just behind.  I have been taking the photos, just not have any organization to what photos for the weeks, nor do I have any of them printed.  

  • Last night I got caught up on the first 5 episodes of Chicago Fire finally
  • I also got caught up on a few more episodes of Revenge
  • We watched a few Christmas movies on Netflix. 

  • It has been much cooler, but still so nice this last week.  
  • I would love some rain already though
  • Saturday night it was SO windy.  
  • Today was overcasty for a while and we got a little sprinkles, nothing major at all.  

  • Deep fried turkey.  Jacob did such a good job on it and it was amazing. 
  • I made green chili chicken enchiladas one night on flour tortillas.  Super good. 
  • Home made pizzas one afternoon for lunch. 
  • A dutch apple pie that I made ( Just a frozen one) and it was SO good.  
  • Tonight I made penne pasta with meatballs. It was really good and the kids loved it as usual. 
  • For lunch today we had sloppy joes.  We haven't had them in forever. I used tiny slider buns for the kids sandwiches and they loved that.  

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