Random Ramblings: 2015 GOALS AND RESOLUTIONS

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


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G O A L S  and  R E S O L U T I O N S 

     One thing I always think about at the first of the year is goals and resolutions I have in mind for myself.  This year I started thinking about goals not only for myself but also for my blog and for my business.  So I thought I would share some of my goals and resolutions with you.  Now I am not one to make all these "Resolutions" because I never stick to them and I feel like sometimes they are over rated because there is some unspoken rule that at New Years you have to make all these resolutions, which not many people stick to anyways.  So I think to myself is there things I want to change about myself, my life etc...  I think that it is always to have goals in mind, something to strive for something to work hard for.  So while mine are more goals, I guess you could call a few resolutions too because there are things I want to change too.  

P E R S O N A L : 
~ I really want to loose weight.  But by achieving this GOAL  I need to put in some hard work with it. So my GOAL to get to this destination is to 
~ Stop and enjoy the kids while they are this age.  Many days I feel like I yell way to much or get irritated about things that really aren't that big of a deal.  I am really trying to focus on MOMENTS.  Moments that matter.  Like Chloe staying up to help me with our nightly "chores" of folding laundry, doing the dinner dishes and making brothers lunches.  Im trying to take note of the things the kids say and do and live in the moment more.  

~ Keep up on the laundry and house chores.  For anyone that knows me well, knows how much I HATE doing laundry and it can often be found in a HUGE overflowing pile on the desk in our room or in 3 laundry baskets on our bedroom floor and we dig through them on a daily basis to find what we need because there is an even bigger pile out in the garage of stuff that needs to be washed.  But it feels so good to have it all done and just a peace of mind knowing it is all clean and put away.  This is a HUGE GOAL for myself this year.  ( I do want to make a note here that my husband is wonderful about helping out with the laundry ALL the time, he will wash it, dry it and put it all away and he will never know how much I really do appreciate him).  Our house is never thrashed messy, but I want to stay on top of the regular day to day chores along with the laundry.  

~ Send more cards and personal hand written notes out in the mail.  

~ Send out a few more sunshine boxes to un-expecting recipients this year. 

~ Have more family movie nights.  I want us to pick a movie, make popcorn and all pile in the living room.  

~ Play more board games with the kids as a family. 

~ Get started on my Christmas shopping early (well I am making several things this year so I want to get started now)

~ Get ALL our credit cards paid off this year.  We don't have many but the few we do have I want to get them paid down to $0.  

~ A few years ago we had something come up and we needed some extra cash right at that moment.  So through our credit union we took out a title loan on our Expedition.  I want to get this paid off this year as well.  (This one I already know is going to happen because it will be paid off in July, but it is still fun to put it on my list since I will be able to check it off once it is done.) 

~ Save money.  Weather we put away $5 each paycheck or $100, my GOAL is to save some from each paycheck.  

~ Get outside more, weather it is just playing in the front yard or taking the kids to the park.  Just get outside more. 

~ READ.  I want to read a book or two or three.  I miss reading and although it may take me a long time to read one book at least I can say I am currently reading a book. 

~ Eat out less.  Not that we eat out tons but sometimes it is just easier so I want to use my crockpot more and just eat out way less in general. 

~ Get back into couponing. 

~ Go on more date nights with Jacob.  This is often hard with his crazy rotating work schedule but I want to make sure we make time for it more often.  We went out just a few times in all of 2014 so I want to do it more this year.  Even if we don't "go" anywhere but have a date night at home.  Take the kids to my moms like we would if we were going out and then have a date night at home.

~ FOCUS.  I think if I was to play along with Ali Edwards' one little word this year my word would be FOCUS.  To focus on the bigger picture of things.  Not stress about the tiny little things I cannot change, focus on the bigger things, the end GOAL.  Focus on being a good wife and mom.  Focus on a business plan.  Focus on paying off those credit cards. Focus on living in the moment. Focus on being happy.  Focus on my family.  Focus on staying organized for 2015.  Focus on breathing through the hard times.  Focus on GOD and know that he has a plan for my life and trust in him that he will carry us through everything life has to offer.  

~ Stop being a procrastinator. I don't know how this one will go, since I have been this way all my life and sometimes I work best under pressure, but sometimes I even annoy myself when I wait until the last second to get things done. 

~ Make a recipe scrapbook/or just a recipe album this year with all our favorite family recipes.  Something that I can eventually give a copy to each of the kids when they get older. 

~  Get caught up on Project Life 2014.

~ Get caught up on the kids school albums. 

I am sure there are more things I have said to myself that I want to change or do personally in 2015 but I think this is a good list to go by at least for now. I think part of being human is that we are constantly changing and growing as we live and go through things and as we get older and more mature.  We learn lessons and That which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger! So to myself I also tell myself it is ok if I don't live up to all my personal GOALS and standards I set for myself.  We all know we are our own worst critics and I know that is so true for myself.  

B L O G :
  • Blog more often and more on a regular basis.
  • Blog every SUNDAY RAMBLINGS 
  • Gain new subscribers
  • Share more real life stories

B U S I N E S S :
This kind of has 2 parts.  I have my photography business and the end of last year I started my online etsy store called noticeablyNICOLES.  I was so swamped with orders and I loved every minute of it.  I have a lot of ideas for wood signs and wood projects in mind for my shop this year.  
  • I would love to start my GOAL of 5 sales a month.  
  • Stay organized with all my orders and profit
  • Maybe make it to one craft fair or show this year. 
  • Advertise my photography and etsy store more.
  • Order new business cards for both.
Do you have any GOALS and RESOLUTIONS for the new year?  


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