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Saturday, January 3, 2015


Last year I used the Cinnamon Edition kit, and I loved it very much, however this year I wanted something with more color.  I was really unsure which kit I wanted. But one day before Christmas I went to Michaels for some vinyl and all their Project Life kits were 50% off.  So I picked the Honey kit for this year.  There is a lot of color in it, and a lot of turquoise, which is what I really wanted.

So on New Years Day I sat down and got my title page finished.  I didn’t add much to it, but just a little to spruce it up.

The top left card I cut our last name from silhouette brand silver foil.  I thought it blended in too much to the background, so I added a strip of vellum and then added the silver foil over the top of that.  Much better.  I just used some small white letter stickers I had on hand for the and family. 

The top right take a picture card, I just added the hello life stamp in black. It is a Ali Edwards stamp. 

For the small orange card on the far right in the middle, I used some silver thickers to add the year.  I did this for last years title page with the same numbers.  I liked the silver accents I was adding to this page so it just worked out that it was the same numbers from last year.

In the middle row, I took out two cards, and added a photo of me and Jacob and one of the kids too.  I really like having a photo on the title page, so instantly you can see from year to year how we have all changed. 

On the other card in the middle row, I just added a strip of silver glitter tape to the top and hand wrote the word always on the card.

On the bottom right colored chevron card, I cut down a smaller card in the kit and glued it down right on top of the bigger one.  I added a strip of the same silver glitter tape under the smaller card.

For the left bottom cloud card I wrote my name.  I then used another Ali Edwards stamp for the favorite memories, and above that I hand wrote documenting our.  I then drew a few tiny red hearts on the card as well, even a few over on the other side of the card.  

I also decided that I wanted to be a little more organized when I am writing down what photos I am going to use in my album for each week.  I usually just download all my photos, and they go into a folder by date taken. I do this for my DSLR photos and the same thing for all my IPHONE photos.  Then I take a piece of paper and write down the dates and scribble next to the date which photos I am going to use and make a little note next to it if it is an IPHONE photo.  Then next to that I write 4x6 or 2x3 so I know where it will go in that weeks layout.  I don’t decide exactly which space it will go in until I am actually putting the photos into my album. I don’t really stress too much about that part.
So I went online and was just wanting to print something out with the days of the week so I could have it all ready to jot down the photos for that day.  I found a printable from back in 2013 for the month of December.  I saved it, opened it in photoshop and altered it to what I needed and printed out 26 sheets.  Each page will hold 2 weeks and started on Sunday, which is what I wanted since my weeks in my album start on Sunday. 
Then I just wrote the week it is above each row, and I will just fill in the dates each week and make notes to myself for what photos I am going to use.  I hole punched them all and next time I am at Target I am going to pick up a pretty folder to store them in. 

I am really hoping this will help me stay on track of printing out all my photos for this year.  
I really want to be more organized in all areas of my life for 2015. 

I have never done the "one little word" thing each year that is so popular, but I think if I was to pick a word for myself for 2015 it would be ORGANIZED. 

Are you doing Project Life for 2015?  Which kit are you using for this year?  


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