Random Ramblings: PROJECT LIFE : WEEK 1 LAYOUT

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Well so far I can say I am on top of one of my 2015 goals. I am on top of my PROJECT LIFE 2015 album.  I know it is only week 2, but I have completed week 1 so technically I am doing good.  We shall see how long it lasts lol, while I still work on getting 2014 done as well.  :)  
I am liking all the colors of the Honey Edition Kit for our current year.
I have to admit that I wrote those cards over three times because I didn't like the way they looked the first two times. First I used a blue pen and I didn't like the look of that, the second time I didn't like my writing with the pen I used, so finally I went back to my trusty Project Life Pen and like how it looks now.  

Here is the entire week layout.  

Left side close up.

Left side, full layout.

Right side Close up.

Right side, full layout. 


We drove out to Lancaster to photography my cousins grandkids.  Then we stopped to visit my grandma and Aunt.  Jacob helped them put all the Christmas decorations away in the shed.

Our "HUGE" snow storm brought enough to cover the cars and the grass and that was it.  By morning most of it was already melted.  Bummer, I really wanted a good snow storm.

I love that my Caleb is such a cuddler.  He came up tonight just to sit and cuddle with me for a few minutes.  Love this little guy.

 Jacob's parents and his sister and her girls, and his other sister and her husband came over for dinner.  We had shredded beef tacos made with left over roast meat. We all ate, and watched Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve.  Then we all had a glass of sparkling cider at midnight.  Chloe didn't make it to midnight and our neice Hannah didn't either.  We tried waking them both up and Chloe woke up for a bit and that was it.  

One of my favorite soups ever is the Chicken Tortilla Soup from the La Casita in Victorville.  I drove over there yesterday to get this soup, abondigas soup for Jacob and chips and salsa so we could have it with our tacos for dinner.  Today I had some left over soup for breakfast and it was so good.

Our sweet little Chloe looks so big and grown up sitting here eating her cereal.

I used the left over potatoes and carrots and juice from the roasts and made homemade abondigas soup for dinner. It came out so good.  I have never made it before and I winged it with some ideas from some recipes I found online.

Today was the Adelanto Grand Prix.  We took the kids so they could see some of the races and we walked around.  It isn't nearly as big as it used to be when Jacob would race it, but it was still nice. We ended up signing up to get the local newspaper and then the kids each got a new hat for us signing up.  Jacob got a monster hat too for $5.  Jacob wants to race next year, and Caleb says he does one minute then the next he doesn't so we shall see lol.


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