Random Ramblings: SUNDAY RAMBLINGS - week 1

Sunday, January 4, 2015



  • Last Sunday we drove out to Lancaster to take my cousin Debbie’s grandkids pictures.  Some of them were out from Colorado, so they asked me to come out and take some pictures of them. 
  • After  the photo shoot we stopped by grandmas to visit for a bit.  She wree and as doing really good, and Jacob helped my Aunt Vicki finish taking down their Christmas decorations back into the shed.
  • We went through the kids closets and got rid of old toys, and clothes that were too small. We had to make room for all the new Christmas stuff to go in.
  • We went to my parents house so Jacob could help put all their Christmas tubs up in the rafters and we ended up staying for dinner.  It was a nice visit, since we don’t usually get a change to go over there for things like that.
  • Cleaning the kids rooms got me motivated to clean up and organize the office.  I got a lot done in there, which always then inspires me to make things J
  • New Years Eve Jacob’s parents came over, and his sister and her 2 girls, then his other sister and her husband came by later on.  They stayed for dinner and we hung around and watched the Dick Clark’s Rockin New Years Eve.  At midnight we all had sparkling cider. 
  • New Years Day we undecorated the house and I kind of miss the glow of the Christmas tree. 
  • Our dogs went missing, but luckily came back home the next afternoon.
  • Saturday was the Adelanto Grand Prix so we took the kids for a bit so they could see the motorcycle races, and the kids seemed to have fun. 
  • Had to make a Home Depot trip for some wood for signs.
  • Chloe was sick today.
  • The kids are still on winter break for this week.  I am kind of excited about that actually.  I am enjoying the slower schedule the break lets us have. 
  • Chloe starts back to dance class on Wednesday from being on Christmas break.  They are starting to work on their dance recital routine. 
  • Nothing much planned, just working on some projects I need to finish up.
  • Need to finish editing the wedding pictures I did, and my cousins grandkids photos shoot.
  • Not much really.  I want to find a good book to start reading.  Maybe I will read the Debbie Macomber book I have in my drawer next to my side of the bed. 
  • Wood signs that I need to finish up and get shipped out this week.
  • I have a few new ideas for items I want to make for my etsy store noticeablyNICOLES
  • Keeping up with the laundry and dishes and keeping the house clean.
  • Editing photos
  • Planning Chloe’s 5th birthday party in a few weeks.  Her party will be Doc Mcstuffin themed. 
  • I got my 2015 title page done and tonight I am going to send this weeks photos to Costco to be printed.
  • I am still playing catch up on 2014. 
  • Tonight I am watching the first episode of the new season of Sister Wives. 
  • I have been watching some episodes of Criminal Minds to get caught up
  • I am way behind on Revenge and Reign still.
  • We watched a good Kate Hudson movie on Netflix called Good People.  It was really good.  It has her and James Franco in it and they find a huge amount of money in their tenants apartment after he dies.  I do recommend it, we liked it alot.  
  • It actually snowed on Tuesday night this past week.  It didn’t snow tons, enough to cover the cars and just enough to cover the top of the grass.  But it started at night and by morning it was starting to melt aready and that was all we got.  Bummer we would have loved to have a big storm.
  • It has been cooler this week too, but still sunny as well.
  • We had roast and potatoes one night that I cooked in our new crock pot.  It was so good. Jacob and I both have been craving roast lately.
  • New Years Day I used the left over roasts to make shredded beef tacos. 
  • I then made Abondigas Soup with the left over potatoes and carrots and juice from the roast.  I have never made this soup before and I was very pleased with how it turned out. 
  • Last Sunday on the way home from my grandmas, we stopped all wanted something different for dinner that night.  So we stopped at Subway for Caleb, Taco Bell for Chloe and then me, Jacob and little Jacob all had Chinese food.  

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