Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Chloe turned 5 this last month. I still can't believe that.  Where has the time gone?
I have been planning her party as Doc Mcstuffin since sometime last year, but right before Christmas she became OBSESSED with Frozen, so I asked her a few times if she wanted to change it (before I got fully invested in decorations and ideas) and she said no, she still wanted to keep it Doc Mcstuffin. I was excited, because I already had many ideas and had already bought a few things and asked my sister in law to make the invitations.

So my first step was to ask my sister in law Amberley to design the invitations. She has an etsy shop you can find HERE called LILIESANDROSES7 I knew with the holidays I was just not going to be able to make them, so the next best thing was to have her design them and then make them a printable so I could just pick them up at my favorite photo printing place and stick them right in the mail.  My first initial idea was to print them blank so I could hand write in all of the information once I figured it out.  But we didn't get that done in time, so she emailed me the card and I opened it in photoshop and added the text information, and saved it again as a jpeg.  Then I sent it to COSTCO which is my favorite photo printing place and picked them up the next day.  This is what the invite looked like.
At first I was just going to do the party colors in just purple and pink, but later decided to add lime green and turquoise as well.

I worked on the decorations and over time bought the stuff for the party.  Every time I went to Target (which is OFTEN, very OFTEN) I would buy some small dessert plates, the colored silverware and table clothes.  

I always try to have a cake and cupcakes at the kids parties.  I think it is just fun to have variety.  So I asked my very talanted cousin from ROCK MY CUPCAKE to make her cupcakes.  They turned out even better than I imagined and were SO good.  I mean like SUPER good.  
Aren't they the cutest things ever.  I love them so much. 

We decorated the night before, since I always seem to wait until the morning of and am always running behind then.  

I made the tissue paper flowers, in matching colors.
I moved the table from by the front door, covered it with a pink table cloth and that was the nacho station.
I made this birthday banner to match the party decor, with glitter paper, tuelle and vellum.  So cute and so much fun.  

I used a desk from our bedroom and moved it out here, covered it with the Doc McStuffin table cloth and that was where I put all the drinks.  
This is something fun I have always loved doing for the kids parties.  I freeze powerade or gatorade in ice cube trays and in the colors that match the party decor.  Then I fill a XL glass jar with sprite and dumb in the ice cubes.  As they melt they give the sprite a fruity flavor.  

I got a bunch of colorful buckets, bowls and trays in the right colors at the dollar store.  Perfect for ice, chips, etc.. and if they crack its ok becuase they were cheap.  Otherwise I save them for another party.
I used my drink dispenser, and my moms that matches and filled them with turquoise and lime green Hawaiian punch.  I got paper straws in all the matching colors too.
I got this paper mache 5 at Hobby Lobby and painted it to match the colors of the party.  Chloe got these Doc McStuffin  and Lambie for Christmas, so I used them as decorations for the party.  This was the kitchen bar counter, and I covered it with a table cloth and this is where we had all the meat and taco shells.  

I never planned to get a pinata, but Chloe kept asking for one and saying we were having one.  I thought about it but didn't want to pay $20 last minute just for the pinata and then spend just as much or more on candy to fill the darn thing.  Well the day before the party I had a few last minute errands to run and I was at Winco and found this one in exactly her party colors for only $7,50.  I COULD NOT pass it up, it was like it was meant to be as it was the only one in these colors.  So I grabbed a big bag of candy when I ran to Walmart and she was so excited.  

The cake came from Stater Brothers, and my friend Melissa picked it up for us on her way to our house that day.  It was chocolate with a whip cream icing and filling.  YUM.  

It was a great day spent with many family and friends.  The food was good and the company was great too.  Several of my family who has never been to our house, including my grandma were able to make it that day and I am so glad they did.  We were happy to have everyone that was able to make it and make Chloe's day extra special.  

Now I am working on planning Little Jacob's 10th Birthday Party for the end of the month.  His birthday is the 16th, but there is alot going on every weekend until the 28th so that is when we are having his party.



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