Monday, February 16, 2015



I cannot even believe this little guy of ours is turning 10 today.  Double digits!!  
It is all down hill now, double digits, then a teenager, then driving and high school and girlfriends and then graduating and college... Eye Yi Yi....  I can't even think of all that now.

I remember being pregnant with him like it was just yesterday.  I remember waking up and having to leave the house at 4am the day he was born to get to the hospital in time for my scheduled c-section.  It was cold and raining and dark out that morning.  
I remember the surgery and the anxiousness that came along with him being born and not knowing what would be with all the worries they had about him while I was pregnant.  I remember the recovery room and just wanting to sleep.  I remember loving Jacob so much more for making me a mom.  I remember our friends Tabitha and Courtney coming to see me that night in the hospital and wheeling me to the NICU at 8pm so I could finally see little Jacob, I hadn't at all yet that entire day.  I remember him being so small and in his little NICU bed with tubes and wires and dark hair.  Forever my heart was changed at the moment I saw him.  Little did this tiny newborn baby know that he would forever change me as a person, he made me a mom and taught me so much.  He has taught me so much in his little life he will never know.  He will (as well as Caleb and Chloe) never understand how much love I have for them.  

He is such a good  little, eh I mean young man. He is so smart, loving and just soaks everything in.  He loves music and all things music related, he can remember the words to any song after hearing it only once.  He likes to read and wants to learn to play the guitar.  He asks a million questions all day long ,everyday and sometimes I laugh at it, but it is just him soaking everything in.  

Today on his birthday we are traveling to Arizona for a few days, and then once we get back we will be having his party.  

Hope you have a great day little guy.  We love you so much.  


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