Random Ramblings: March 2015

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


1.  Jacob's been working non stop on his new to him boat.  He got it for free from a guy he works with and he has done so great on it.  He replaced all the carpet, build new boxes for the seats, painted some of the vinyl seats.  It looks so good.

2. We started little Jacob's science project and I can't wait to see how it comes out.  He is watering 6 pots with a planted seed with different elements to see if the seeds will grow with anything other than water.  He is using water, milk, gatorade, hazelnut coffee, sweet tea and sunny d.

3.  The kids are on spring break this week and I am enjoying not having to set the alarm.  Maybe more than the kids are?  lol.

4.  Working on several sign orders. I am so thankful for all my customers new and old.

5.  I am going to work on my resume and apply for a job.  Since Chloe is going to start school in July, we started talking about me going back to work.

6.  I need to make the kids yearly painted handprints for the scrapbooks.

7.  I REALLY want the new iphone 6 plus, but the darn thing is expensive and my iphone 4 only gets me $10.00 trade in value so I have to wait until AT&T is doing the $100.00 credit value per phone ( I have 2 to turn in)

8.  Getting caught up on Revenge finally.

9. I need to clean our kitchen.

10.  I got all caught up with the laundry that needed to be folded yesterday.  YAY.  I hate laundry lol.


Saturday, March 21, 2015


MONDAY 3.16.2015

GRANDMA (jacob's mom) TO CHLOE, " Chloe what do you want me to do if I find your glow bracelet?"

CHLOE, " Oh you can just text me that you found it.  Well, you can actually just text my mom."

FRIDAY 3.20.2015

CALEB, " How are so many US Presidents still alive if they were born in ... 1979?"

ME, "Caleb, I was born in 1979."

CALEB, " ...oh..."

Never a shortage of laughter around here lol.


Friday, March 20, 2015


I was over on the SILHOUETTE AMERICA blog last week with these paper sunflowers.  
Come on over HERE to find out how I made them.  

Wouldn't these be a fun gift for someone that needs a smile?  I think so.  


Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Hope everyone is having a great week so far.

1. Saturday night Jacob's grandma died.  She lived back in Oklahoma.  Once we find out the details of the funeral we will figure out if we are going to be able to go.

2. I started watching a new show on Netflix called DROP DEAD DIVA.  I am so loving it.

3. We went out shooting this afternoon with Jacobs family.  It was fun.  I actually shot 2 different guns.  Not sure if I even hit the target, but fun even still.

4. I need to call our pediatricians office and make an appointment for Chloe's Kinder Phyiscal.  AHHH

5.  Got a big vinyl order in today.  Can't wait to work on some orders.

6.  I need to update my facebook page that goes along with my etsy store. Way behind on that.  ASAP.

7.  HAPPY ST. PATRICKS Day.  Today was free dress for the boys, and it was sure hard to find a green shirt for each of them to wear.  I need to buy them less turquoise and a little more color variety lol.

8. I am so glad that next week is Spring Break.  Sometimes just a few days off is nice.

9. Tonight I made corned beef, potoates and cabbage for dinner.  It wasn't too bad. I like corned beef but I don't love it.

10.  I need to clean this house!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015


1.  Still have Arizona on our minds and now we are down to the last moments and we need to come to a decision.  It is exciting, and I was the first one to say let's go, but we figured out all the pay and the difference is about $8,000 less a year, and that is alot.  So we need to really figure out if we can afford to loose income each month.  

2.  We have gone to Deep Creek the last two days with Jacob's sister and brother in law to let the kids play in the water.  It has been alot of fun. 

3. The weather has been so beautiful the last few days.  It is really nice, but I wouldn't mind one more really good rain before spring weather is the norm.

4.  I am on a book launch team and I am so excited.  What this means is that I get to read the book before it is even published and give my thoughts and input to the author.  I read the entire book in one day, I loved it so much. It is called GOODBYE MAGNOLIA by KRISTA NOORMAN

5. On facebook there is this thing I always read called GOD WANTS YOU TO KNOW.  It is just little reminders of things, quotes, or bible verses.  I like it because it often makes me stop and remember or think about things I am struggling with.  Today's was very right on.
... happiness has nothing to do with pleasure.
You feel pleasure when you want something and you get it. 
Or when you don't want something and you remove it.
Pleasure is always relative.
Happiness is absolute.
Happiness is the acceptance and understanding of life,
as it is in this very moment as completely perfect,
because every creation of GOD is perfect.
The degree to which you do not accept life
in all of the Divine forms is the degree to which you suffer"

6. My favorite cereal at the moment is SPECIAL K CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY.

7. We started watching the movie DIVERGENT.  So far we really like it. It reminds us a little of The Hunger Games.  It is so long too, which is why we didn't finish watching it last night, but hopefully tonight we can watch more. 

8. Friday is Spring Picture day for the boys.  What to have them wear???  I usually don't buy many school photos, but I do like to have at least 1 from each school year just to have it for memories and to document them.  Man have school photos changed since I was in school.  But OUCH $20 for one 8x10.  

9. Tons of ideas running through my brain on things I want to do in the kids rooms.  I want to build shelves like the ones in my office for the boys room.  I want 2 shelves above each of their beds.  Then Chloe's room I want to take out all the zebra and we want to make it mint and lavendar.  Well I saw THIS comforter that I fell in love with at Target, but I really first had the hope to make her a new comforter.  So I am going to start looking around for similar fabrics so I can make it myself.  

10. Working on a plan to build a small table for next to our front door since I moved the one that was there and I miss having something there.  


Saturday, March 7, 2015


I can't believe I forgot to share this.  This was my project recently over on the SILHOUETTE AMERICA BLOG.  
I created this vinyl wood checker board game.  We have had so much fun with this. I taught the kids how to play and now they want to play all the time.
I am thinking about making it into an actual table too.

Hop on over HERE and check out how I made it.  


Thursday, March 5, 2015







  • It is still Christmas Break, so the kids love to sleep in the living room and veg in the mornings. I enjoy it too actually .  :) They are doing their usual, playing games and watching youtube videos on the laptop and their new kindles. 
  • Chloe is getting a little cold, and wasn't feeling well so she just wanted to cuddle with me before we had to run to the grocery store. 
  • Snapped some shots of the kids in their matching outfits. 
  • Got some work done today and need to get these envelopes off in the mail. 
  • A photo of the washer and dryer?  It isn't what you see in this photo, but rather what you don't see. NO LAUNDRY.  All caught up on all the laundry, which for anyone that knows me is super rare.  
  • Jacob was on swing shift one night so me and the kids decided to have pancakes for dinner.  
  • Rain, LOVING it. We need it and I love it.  

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


My kids are always saying funny things and I always say I am going to write them down and then.. I don't and forget what they said.  Darn me!
So I thought maybe I would start posting them here, and then I will have them to look back on when I forget.  :) Sounds like a good plan to me.

SATURDAY 02.28.2015

CHLOE : "Daddy you are a stinky butt."

DADDY : " What did you say Chloe?"

CHLOE :  " I said my daddy is so handsome!"

Man she was so quick to come up with that one.  She gets her quick whit from her daddy for sure.  It was hilarious how she just came up with that one so fast.

SUNDAY 03.01.2015

Chloe was crying when I put her to bed. She wanted to sleep with us and I told her no.  She then told me to leave her room.  Sadly I left, thinking she might fall asleep.  Daddy felt bad and went into her room a little while later to get her and let her lay in our bed for a little while.  He picks her up and she says, " I KNEW YOU WOULD COME GET ME DADDY!".
This girl I tell ya.  She is hilarious.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I have been having a hard time keeping up with the Sunday Ramblings, so I thought I would change it a bit.
I have come across a few blogs lately that have 10 on TUESDAY.  I thought that would be a cool idea.  So I am going to try to do that instead.  So every Tuesday I will post just 10 random thoughts in my brain.  :)

So here goes...

1.  So much on my mind lately in regards to moving to Arizona, not moving to Arizona...  Decisions like this are hard and I know that my husband is really having a hard time with this.  We want to move, but to just move from the only place you have known to a brand new state where you know not one single person, is indeed scary.  But we have prayed alot and what is meant to be in God's grand plan for us will work out.

2.  I hate grocery shopping.

3.  I wish it would rain more.

4.  I need to start eating better again and start excersizing.

5.  The stress of the unknown is causing me to stress eat.  NOT GOOD NICOLE.

6.  This Friday I have a doctors appointment.  The first with a new doctor since our insurance changed.

7.  The kids school called today about picking up an enrollment packet for Chloe to start Kindergarten.  OMG, I don't think I am ready for this no matter where we live.

8.  Sometimes I don't feel like doing anything and want to just stay in my pajamas all day, but I refrain.

9.  ARIZONA on my brain so much.

10.  I picked up the book IF I STAY at Target before our Arizona trip and I didn't buy it because I didn't think I would have time to read it, but I really think I want to go back and get it.  I just saw that they have a Kindle version of the book for only $2.99,  I might just get that and steal, er I mean borrow one of the boys kindles and read it while they are at school, or after they go to bed.

What is on your mind today?