Random Ramblings: TEN ON TUESDAY

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


1.  Jacob's been working non stop on his new to him boat.  He got it for free from a guy he works with and he has done so great on it.  He replaced all the carpet, build new boxes for the seats, painted some of the vinyl seats.  It looks so good.

2. We started little Jacob's science project and I can't wait to see how it comes out.  He is watering 6 pots with a planted seed with different elements to see if the seeds will grow with anything other than water.  He is using water, milk, gatorade, hazelnut coffee, sweet tea and sunny d.

3.  The kids are on spring break this week and I am enjoying not having to set the alarm.  Maybe more than the kids are?  lol.

4.  Working on several sign orders. I am so thankful for all my customers new and old.

5.  I am going to work on my resume and apply for a job.  Since Chloe is going to start school in July, we started talking about me going back to work.

6.  I need to make the kids yearly painted handprints for the scrapbooks.

7.  I REALLY want the new iphone 6 plus, but the darn thing is expensive and my iphone 4 only gets me $10.00 trade in value so I have to wait until AT&T is doing the $100.00 credit value per phone ( I have 2 to turn in)

8.  Getting caught up on Revenge finally.

9. I need to clean our kitchen.

10.  I got all caught up with the laundry that needed to be folded yesterday.  YAY.  I hate laundry lol.


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