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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


My kids are always saying funny things and I always say I am going to write them down and then.. I don't and forget what they said.  Darn me!
So I thought maybe I would start posting them here, and then I will have them to look back on when I forget.  :) Sounds like a good plan to me.

SATURDAY 02.28.2015

CHLOE : "Daddy you are a stinky butt."

DADDY : " What did you say Chloe?"

CHLOE :  " I said my daddy is so handsome!"

Man she was so quick to come up with that one.  She gets her quick whit from her daddy for sure.  It was hilarious how she just came up with that one so fast.

SUNDAY 03.01.2015

Chloe was crying when I put her to bed. She wanted to sleep with us and I told her no.  She then told me to leave her room.  Sadly I left, thinking she might fall asleep.  Daddy felt bad and went into her room a little while later to get her and let her lay in our bed for a little while.  He picks her up and she says, " I KNEW YOU WOULD COME GET ME DADDY!".
This girl I tell ya.  She is hilarious.


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