Random Ramblings: OUR ARIZONA TRIP : PART 2

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Finally I am going to share the rest of the pictures from our Arizona trip back in February.  Better late than never right.  :)

When we were visiting Arizona Jacob had to go to the cement plant and me and the kids had no plans in mind.  This was nice.  We decided to go downstairs and have breakfast first after Jacob left.  They have complimentary buffet breakfast and it was really good.  They had a good variety of things to choose from.  There were no table left to sit at so we sat on the couches in front of the fire place.  That was really nice and the kids loved it.  Chloe was chatty as usual and made friends with the ladies that worked there and even colored one a Frozen picture, that they hung up in their kitchen area.  

After breakfast we went back up to the room and got showered and dressed.  Then we headed out to take a walk and explore what we could that was within walking distance.  

First we came across this Performing Arts Center.

This hotel is pretty awesome looking.  I love the old time feel of this town with all the old brick buildings.  

I love that so many of the old original buildings are still there, but have other things inside them now.  Look at the detail in these buildings, what character they have.  I bet they have so many stories inside these walls.  

This is a few from a corner looking down into the middle of town.  

In the middle of town, the center of it all is the courthouse.  It is so beautiful.  I can't even believe how amazing it is.  I love this statue in front.  Nothing like the one that is local to us now.  

I told the kids to sit on the stairs of the courthouse and I would take their picture.  Of course to them that meant the top set of stairs lol.  

On the grass of the courthouse is this gazebo and this plaque that tells a little history about it.  I love reading stuff like this.  

Here are the kids sitting in the gazebo for a quick picture.  

I loved just walking around and looking at all the little shops and restaurants.  
I stopped after we crossed the street and looked up, I thought it was a pretty cool angle.  

This is before we crossed the street to that corner.  

There were so many cool shops.  There were tons of shops where you go inside one building and inside there are a ton of others, like little mini malls.  And all that brick, I love it so much.  

This is what the town calls Whiskey Row.  This is the street that the old time Wyatt Erp romed around on.  

A quaint little book store.

Even a pet photography studio.  I LOVE this!
After we walked around, we stopped next to our hotel and we had Chipotle for lunch and then headed back to our room and relaxed.  It was nice to just relax.  Usually when you go on a vacation you have all these plans and you don't stop. So even though this wasn't a real "vacation" it was nice to get out of town and have no plans and just be able to relax.  

It was such a nice trip and I am so glad we got to go.
We know now that it isn't going to work out at this time for us to move there. I am so sad, but I know that it just isn't meant to be at this time.  God has a plan for us, and when one door opens another opens.  So even though I was dead set on moving right away, I am ok with where we are at this moment.  

I truly recommend if you ever get a chance to visit Prescott Arizona, it is truly a beautiful little town, which definitely will always have a piece of my heart.
Maybe one day we will be able to call it home as well.  


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