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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I have had the project life app on my phone for some time and dabbled in playing with it, but never actually completed a page.  But that was in the past and I have now completed 2 pages.  
Last year I decided that I wanted to make a family recipe album, but buying all the supplies and not really having an exact plan or idea was a little overwhelming.  Then I read Becky Higgins talking about her recipe album pages and it hit me that I could just do it with the app and print the pages out.  BRILLIANT.

I started playing around last week with this layout.  I thought it would be fun to document all our current favorite tv shows that we watch.  So from my phone I just searched for those shows, and did a screen shot of the show picture, and then plugged them into my layout.  Added a little journaling with the name of each show and the date and just like that it was all done.  Took barely any time at all.

Then I whipped this one out the other night WHILE I was making this dinner.  I just snapped some photos as I was making it and while a batch of taquitos was in the oil cooking.  It is so much fun to just sit down and make a scrapbook page. 

 I am going to wait to print them out until I have several at once that I can print.  I am going to print the tv show layout in 12x12 to go into our family 2015 album, and the recipe page I think I am going to do the same as Becky Higgins and print those in 8x8 size.  

If you haven't tried the Project Life App yet I highly recommend you give it a try. At the moment it is only available for iphones (and ipads I think too), but they are working on the android version currently.  

Have you made any digital scrapbook pages before?  I was always against digital scrapbooking before I think this has brought it to a new level and the times are changing and it is just so easy to do from my phone and I love that.  I don't have tons of time to do alot of physical scrapbooking lately so this is perfect.  
I would love to see your pages too!


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