Sunday, April 19, 2015


I don't know if Teacher Appreciation is an actual set date ( I don't remember this ever being a thing before) but I do know that at my kids school it is coming up very soon.  So I thought I would share some of the past gifts I have made for the teachers to give you some ideas.  I have some other ideas planned for this year, but I will share those starting tomorrow.

One of my all time favorite things that I made was for Little Jacob's kindergarten teacher.  We loved her so much!  Find the directions for this one HERE.

This one was from last year.  I put some mini hand sanitizers in a bag and tied it up with a tag.  Super quick and easy and looks so nice.  Find out how I put this one together HERE.  

This one was from last year too.  Find out the details on this super easy Starbucks card HERE.  

This goody box was fun to fill with homemade chocolate chip cookies to give to the teachers.  Find out the details HERE about this fun cookie box.  

I love reusable plastic tumblers.  I have several of my own.  I thought for sure the teachers would love these cups I made.  Find out the details of the tumblers HERE.  After I was finished with them, I filled it with some fun goodies.  

This wasn't a gift for teacher appreciation week, but a gift I made for the teachers as part of a Christmas gift.  I made them each a set of 10 of these cards.  Find out how I made these cards HERE

This was so much fun to send the teachers a live planted flower pot.  I painted the flower pot to look like a chalkboard with a ruler rim.  This was so fun.  Find out the details on this one HERE.  

These are just some ideas for Teacher Appreciation Gifts.  I need one or two more ideas for a full week of gift ideas, and I will start sharing those tomorrow.  :)  

What kind of gifts do you give your kids teachers?  


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