Random Ramblings: TEN ON TUESDAY

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


1. It is cold and windy out today.  I hope it rains like the forecast says, but I will believe that when I see it.

2.  Tonight I am making Abondigas soup again.  Soup is just a great go to dinner when it is cold outside.

3.  There are only 7 weeks of school left for the boys. YIKES.  Then they all 3 start back in July.

4.  I am working on a layout for my Layout a Day design Team project today.

5.  I need to do this years hand prints of the kids and I keep forgetting.

6.  My term on the silhouette design team is officially over now.  I am sad, I will miss it but I am also looking forward to all the new inspiration.

7.  I was in bed the entire day on Easter.  Between my horrible stomach ache and migraine it was nice to just stay in bed all day.  The kids didn't fight one bit.  Jacob made us a yummy roast, with potatoes and carrots for dinner. I did manage to move from the bed to the couch that evening and we watched the movie 22 Jumpstreet on HBO.  Very funny movie.

8.  I had a photoshoot on Saturday and can't wait to start editing them.  He was such a cutie.  He was not feeling 100% but we still got some good ones.

9.  I applied for a job with Apple Care.  We will see how it goes, if I get an interview.  We have been talking about me going back to work since Chloe will be in school starting in July.

10.  I have a Failure to Appear Jury Duty summons for the end of April that I CANNOT forget about.


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