Random Ramblings: TEN ON TUESDAY

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


1.   I overslept this  morning, well I heard the first alarm which is like my wake up notice.  Then I have about 15 minutes to lay in bed and wake up before the alarm goes off again and I need to get the boys up for school.  Well today I guess I didn't hear the second one and kept on sleeping. I woke up 10 minutes before we need to leave to get the boys to school on time.  We did good, they were only about 10 minutes late for school.  I really need to invest in an alarm clock for their bedroom. 

2.   It has been really nice weather here lately, but today it turned overcast and started to rain just a tiny bit.  Hey something is better than nothing though.  It was nice while it lasted. I hope the weather man is right and we get a little more. 

3.   I am working on making some Christmas ornaments.  Yep, already. I work part time for my parents who run High Desert Baptist Association, and my step father is the Director of Missions.  Last year I made some door prizes for their annual Christmas party.  Well this year they are having me make 125 Christmas ornaments.  So needless to stay I need to get started right away, to ensure I get them all done by then. 

4.    Tonight I made my grandmas spaghetti for dinner.  Every time I make it I feel like I am getting closer and closer to making it just like hers.  No matter how many times I have tried over the years it just is never the exact same. I hope one day my grandkids will love mine just like everyone loves Mamaws.  

5.   I am going to a guest blogger talking about Project Life real soon, so I am working on the blog post write up tonight. 

6.   We did big grocery shopping last Wednesday and it has been SO nice not having to go back to the store every single day. I used to be so good about shopping every payday and then this last year I got out of the habit and we end up going almost daily or every other day. I hate the grocery store and this has been so great not having to go. 

7.    I am dying to get out my sewing machine.  It feels like it has been forever since I sewed anything. I was looking for something the other day and got side tract and went through my fabric stash and came across some fun bright fabric I am dying to make Chloe a summer dress with.  

8.    I have a big tumbler order coming up that I am excited to work on .  It is for a girl scout troop and I am personalizing all the tumblers and they are going to give them to the girls with all their patches in it at their bridging ceremony. I even ordered some fun girl scout ribbon to match. 

9.    I am finally getting caught up on Revenge.  It is getting so good. I am still back on episodes from 2014 but I am slowly getting there, one episode at a time.  

10.   Chloe and I ran an errand with Jacob this morning and he kindly stopped at Hobby Lobby for me to run in and grab a few bottles of paint I needed.  I walked out only spending $7.48.  I think that is a world record for me, usually I am in there no less an hour and spend over $20 at least.  Thank you so much to my hubby for stopping, it was so nice to visit my all time favorite store, it has been a while since I was there.  :)

11.  Just for fun, I thought I would share with you that this is one of my current favorite fonts, EVER.  It is called Sweet Pea and you can download it for free at dafont.com

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