Random Ramblings: TEN ON TUESDAY

Tuesday, May 5, 2015



1.  Much has happened between last Tuesday and today.  On Thursday morning we were informed that Jacob's uncle passed away.  He has been suffering from bad health and failing kidneys for many years now. He has been on dialysis for the last nine years.  But that doesn't make it any easier when you loose someone you love.  Just a month ago Jacob's grandma on the same side and now his uncle. So sad.  Last night his wife had a celebration of his life gathering at her house.  It was his birthday, so she even had a cake for him.

2.  Shortly after we left his aunt's house, Jacob's mom texted him and told him that her dad had died just a few minutes earlier. So sad.  She lost her husband, and on his birthday during his memorial her father dies.  My heart goes out to her and she is in my prayers.  I would love for you all to keep her in your prayers too.

3.  Caleb fell off his bike on Friday and really scratched his face up horribly.  I was in our bathroom and all the kids came in and Chloe says, "Mom I think he broke his nose there is so much blood".  He didn't break his nose, it was just bleeding.  He is tough though and was back on the bike that same evening riding all over the front yard again.

4.  The weather is being crazy this week for sure.  Hot, cold, hot, windy, chance of rain. I give up.

5.  I cut my finger making dinner tonight, like I always do with that knife.

6. I started walking this morning.  Chloe went with me and we walked about a mile around a few blocks.  She did great, but towards the end wanted me to carry her.  I didn't carry her, she walked and it felt good to actually get out and walk.

7.  I love that we have been doing big grocery shopping each payday now, instead of having to go every few days, or everyday.  It is so nice to figure out dinner from the freezer.

8.  Chloe says she is ready for her training wheels off. NO!  How is she becoming so independent all of the sudden I swear.  So daddy raised them to help her learn a little balance before they come off completely.

9.  I am starting to coupon again and I sure have missed it.  I haven't missed the cutting part, but the saving money part I have.

10.  I got 2 customized wine glass orders in the last 2 days, so I had to go to the store and buy 20 wine glasses today. Love my growing business.


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