Random Ramblings: TEN ON TUESDAY

Tuesday, May 12, 2015



1.  This weather is driving my insane lately.  It rained last week, then it was so hot, in the high 80's, and now it is cooler with tons of wind again.  I mean TONS of wind.  I love the cooler weather but could do without the wind.  It is driving us all crazy.

2.  I have been walking every morning lately.  I started with my neighbor across the street, and on the days she can't go my little Chloe is still my walking buddy.  She usually rides her scooter and I walk, but today she wanted to be pushed in the stroller.  I think she really just wanted to play on her brothers tablet while I pushed her lol.  I took a different route and it was uphill right at the beginning, and having to push the stroller, man it really kicked my butt for sure.

3.  Tomorrow the kids school is doing a jr olympics.  Wednesday is Jacob's turn.  I love being able to go watch them at stuff like this for school.

4.  Jacob wants to take the boat out to the lake on Saturday, I sure hope the weather behaves.

5.  Tonight we picked some of the artichokes right out of our garden and had them with dinner.  They were very good.

6. Tonight was the season finale for Chicago Fire, I can't wait to watch it, but I am so sad it is over for now.

7.  We tried a new recipe I found online this week for dinner and it was really good.  It was Parmesan Chicken Bake (different from Parmesan chicken).

8.  I need to get on planning Caleb's birthday party ASAP.  I am way behind on this :(

9.  Picked up my stack of coupons from a friend today.  I am so glad to be back into couponing.  Now to just get them cut.

10.  We are thinking of some ideas already for the kids for Christmas. We also said if we start buying the older nieces and nephews their one gift now, by Christmas they will all be done.  Now if we can stick to this plan we will be way ahead of the game and that would be great.  


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