Thursday, June 25, 2015


Orange is the new Black season 3 was just recently released on Netflix.  
Have you watched any of the episodes yet?  

We just finished it the other day.  

I want to talk about a few things in this season.

Piper is definitely getting pretty hard core now, I think she is embracing her prison life to the full extent.  Piper's new underground business.  She is now in the dirty underwear business.  I can honestly say this one made me cringe just a bit at the thought of that.  Nasty! And then her sister in law came up with a recipe to create "juice" for other underwear.  Just yuck.

Piper and Alex broke up.  WOW.  Alex is pretty paranoid and Piper seems to have a new love interest in the new tattooed girl Stella.  The shows leaves us as Stella is going to get out in the next few days, but steals all Pipers business money and Piper sets her up in the prison to get caught with contraband but we don't know what happens to her exactly.

Alex was having such a hard time this season.  First she finds out that the reason she is back in prison is because of Piper, then her and Piper break up.  She is completely obsessed with thinking Lolly was there to harm her for her old boss.  But in the final episode we find out that a guard is actually there for that and it leaves us wondering what happened to her.  Does he kill her in the green house or does she get away?  We don't know yet...

Then there is Daya and Bennett.  Uh, he like just vanished! He left the crib on the side of the road and was never heard from again.  Ok if he was going to leave her and his job I still would like to know where he went and what happened to change his mind.  I mean he proposed to her and everything.  Then bam he is just gone, give us something more!
And the relationship between Daya and her mom.  I was so angry when her mom Aleida starts talking to Mendez's mother and asks for money. Who else wanted to reach through the tv and slap her.  I did.
Sophia got thrown in SHU for something that wasn't even her fault and the season ended with her still in there.  That part was so sad.  I said the moment Danny was speaking to his father that his father was still going to order Sophia to the SHU.  JERK.  I don't trust him and I think bad things are coming for the prison with the new owners now.

Soso tried to kill herself.  She feels all alone, but in the end the other were looking out for her and helped her out and I think this is going to be a growing relationship with all of them.

Pennsatucky was sexually assaulted by a guard.  I for sure did not see this one coming until he started acting very crazy and ordering her around, but yet the next minute trying to be super nice to her.  Even though when the show started I don't think she had many admirers, but still doesn't deserve any of that.  Then when she is talking to Big Boo about it she says she isn't angry just sad, that is heart breaking.  I think they ended up with a good plan to get her off van duty.  Now we will see if he is the same way with the next new van driver.

Then there was Nicky who got put in Max.  She was still there when the season ended, who knows how she is cooping or what is happening to her,

One thing I really liked this season was that they gave alot more of many of the inmates back stories, some on how they got to be in prison and some of their childhood growing up.  I think it makes them seem more like real people now not just prisoners we started watching on Netflix.

Well I have to say that Netflix sure left us wanting more and giving us a big reason to come back for season 4 with all of these HUGE cliffhangers.  What really kills me is that we have to wait an entire YEAR for season 4 to come out.  Really, that sucks.

I hope they touch on many of the unknowns for the next season.

Who is your favorite Prisoner of Litchfield?  Do you have any predictions for next season?

Until next year Orange is the New Black!


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