Random Ramblings: BACK TO SCHOOL 2015

Friday, July 17, 2015


This summer sure has flown by.  Well that and the fact that the kids go back in July sure doesn't make it seem slower by any means either.  
So this week has been a crazy amount of getting all our last minute school shopping stuff done.  We had to get them their new shoes, and socks and pick up their shirts from the embroidery place.  

Then last night was Back to School night.  What that is exactly is the school opens the gates and all the teachers are in their classrooms.  Then we go find out who their new teachers are and go see their classrooms and meet the teachers.  It is nice to be able to do it the night before so there isn't any extra added crazy to the first day of school craziness that already exists.  

The boys were not excited to go back at all. Chloe was so excited to start Kindergarten she could barely contain herself.  

They got up this morning and got ready with no arguments at all.  I made them biscuits and gravy and scrambled eggs for breakfast.  They brushed their teeth and we of course had to go snap some morning photos.  
We walked Jacob to class first and he was good, he is in 5th grade now, so he even offered to walk himself to class alone lol.  We still walked him.  

Next was Caleb, who wasn't as excited, and a little nervous.  But he went in and was still all smiles.  

Chloe was last and we stayed with her for a bit and then she was waving bye to us with no problems at all.  She was right to work writing her name when we left.  

It was so strange walking out of the school with no children when it was time to go home.  It was like part of us was missing.  

They only had short day, so we were back at the school at 11:30 to pick them up.  That was like a crowded jam of parents like they were afraid the school was going to keep their child.  Madness I tell ya.
They all had great days.  Jacob is excited because he has the teacher that he really wanted.  Then Caleb go to earn class money so he was totally excited about that.  They can earn it and spend it on things in class.  Chloe has been talking about her first day since we picked her up almost 2 hours ago.  She loved it and even before we got home she was giving me all the paperwork from her backpack that has to go back on Monday.

So overall a successful day for all of them.
We are so proud of them and the little people they are growing up to be.


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