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Saturday, August 15, 2015


I thought it would be fun to share some random photos from my phone with you.  All of them are from right before the move, during the move and after we got here to Arizona.  They are not in any particular order because I added them from my phone. 

This was the night we got our Uhaul.  Jacob and my dad and Jacob's friend Chris from work got everything loaded that was ready to be loaded that day.  The truck was hooked up to our trailer with everything that was going to the dump the next morning.  And then of course it started to rain.  Thank goodness it waited until they were done with the loading. 

Monday after we got here we had to drive to Phoenix for Jacob to do his work physical.  So while we were there, we got my phone fixed at the Phoenix mall in the apple care store.  Then we drove around and looked at a few trucks.  This is the one Jacob ended up buying.  He loves it.  It is a big huge truck that is for sure, and the color is nice.  He is very happy and now we are back to owning 2 vehicles.  We got rid of our expedition before we moved. 

Driving home Monday night the sunset was beautiful. 

There has been many awesome thunder storms here since we got here.  These storm clouds were intense looking with the sunset. 

I desperately needed to clean out my purse because it was weighing so much that it hurt my arm to carry it.  When we moved I piled a ton of stuff in it that I didn't want to loose.  So much randomness in there lol. 

I love that we get free breakfast every morning, as do the kids. They love eating out on the patio.  Unless it has been raining we have eaten out there almost every morning.  One morning we had an incident right as we were finishing up with a bee bothering us, so we just brought the rest of our food inside. 

We had to go to the Post Office on Tuesday morning.  It had been raining that morning, but when we got there it had stopped.  We were in there for about 10-15 minutes and when we came out it was like hurricane force rain.  We were parked right out front and we got soaked just running to our car from there.  It was pretty awesome though.  We are not used to this kind of weather, or rain.  California rain is nothing like this. 

It is just so pretty driving through town. 

A view right into downtown Prescott. 

On Wednesday the kids and I wanted to do a little grocery shopping because we have been so tired of out food everyday.  Before we headed to Safeway, we went into Trader Joe's.  I have never been inside of one, so we were excited to check it out.  They had some cool stuff in there, and some strange stuff too.  We sampled a few things, and we bought a few fun snacks to send back to some family in California. 

This was one of the strange things we saw, and sampled inside Trader Joe's.  It is pickle flavored popcorn.  It was... strange to say the least.  It really did taste just like a pickle.  It was a very strong pickle flavor.  There is no way I could eat much of that.  The few that I had was plenty to tie me over, well for a lifetime I am sure lol. 

It felt good to stock up the fridge so we don't have to keep eating out everynight.  I got a bunch of dinner stuff so I can put the crockpot to good use and things that me and the kids can have for lunches. 

This is Jacob's new office.  I am so excited for him to get his own office.  I told him that I want to decorate it for him. I am thinking an all Miami Dolphins office.  Wouldn't that be awesome!  I want to make him some wood signs for his wall too.  But for now this is how it looks.  He took our Keurig in there and I told him we need to get him a small refrigerator and a microwave as well. 

Part of our new normal for the moment is having to make sure we have enough quarters on hand to do laundry.  The kids and I did 3 loads the other morning and I will probably do another few loads today or tomorrow as well.  The nice thing is being able to get all the laundry done at once.  I just need to remember to make sure I have enough quarters on hand. 

Lots of rain since we have been here.  Lightening so bright it lights up the sky and thunder so loud it has made me and the kids jump on several occasions. 

This is my favorite road ever.  We have not driven up the road yet, but we see it every time we come out of the gas station.  There is just something about the road with all the trees and how it winds up to the unknown.  I can't wait to take the kids pictures on this road. 

My first crock pot homemade meal in our hotel room.  I put a roast and potatoes in the crockpot.  YUM. It was so nice to have a home cooked meal finally. 

Since the day I saw that there was a Cracker Barrel here I wanted to eat there.  So we went early in the week to try them out for dinner.  The country charm in there is so neat.  I loved all the rocking chairs on the porch.  Our food was really good too.  I had a BLT with chili.  YUM.  Then me and the kids shared an apple pie dumpling for dessert. OMG so good!  Chloe had the mac and cheese for dinner, and I tasted it and it was home made, no boxed stuff.  That was so good too.  Jacob said his steak was really good too.  Next time I want to go there for breakfast, I have heard that is really good too.  They had these turquoise glasses in the store that I cannot stop thinking about.  They were so pretty.  I think they were on sale... maybe I will have to go back and visit them to see if they were on sale.  :)

The kids needed to run off some energy the other day so I finally agreed to take them down to play tennis at the hotel courts.  That was quite an experience.  We had fun for sure, but we chased more balls into the parking lot then actually got hit.  It was good exercise too.  We didn't stay too terribly long because it was very hot that afternoon. 

I will share more photo soon.  These were just some random ones I took from my phone. 

We are enjoying it here so far, but can't wait until we get a house of our own.  I picked up the kids school registration packets yesterday so I have those all filled out and ready to take back on Monday.  So they will all start Tuesday or Wednesday.  I am excited for them but nervous at the same time. 

Have you ever lived in a hotel for a long period of time, or moved out of state with no house to move to when you got there? 


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