Sunday, August 16, 2015


Back in July when the kids started school I made these fun "ORANGE" baskets for all their teachers.  I saw the idea for an end of the year gift but thought it would be fun to do it for a back to school theme.  I made the little tag and stuck it on some orange cardstock. 

I found all the fun stuff at the dollar store, to put the baskets together. 
I got an orange reusable cup.  Then I found a pack of 2 orange baskets. I didn't want to baskets to be too big because then it would either look funny not filled up all the way, or cost an arm and a leg to actually fill it all the way up. 
So the baskets I found were a perfect size. 
Then I just walked around the store looking for anything orange. 

I found crackers, a rhinestone lanyard, gum, post it notes, mints, tea for the cups, chocolate, chips, and some crystal light individual packs that I actually put inside the cups. 

I made one for each of their teachers, and one of the teachers that we love at the school that Jacob had a few years ago.  We love her so much so we made her one as well. 

I had each of the kids sign their names on the one for their teachers and all of them write their names on the one for the teacher we love. 

All the teachers loved them and were a big hit. 
I think now that we are in Arizona, I might make these as an end of the year gift for each of their new teachers. 

I have always loved making gift baskets for people since I was younger.  I think it has overflowed into my adult life as well, because this is some of my most favorite kind of gifts to give people.

Do you do back to school gifts for your children's teachers?  Do you like to give gift baskets to people? 


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