Thursday, August 13, 2015


So we made it safe and sound and all in one piece to Arizona. 
Saturday was our official move day.  It was a crazy two weeks leading up to that day.  Between packing, the kids in school and saying our goodbyes it was long and emotional. 

My sister in law came over a week before we left and we packed for 12 hours.  That was a long day.  Then she came over everyday after that until the day we left and helped me pack, helped with the garage sale and more packing, and then some more packing. 

Friday, the day before we left my new phone also broke so I had to drive down the hill an hour plus away from home and try to get a new one.  That didn't work because the wait at the apple care store was 5 hours.  So AT&T made my old phone work until after we moved.  Thank goodness. 

The amount of stuff we owned is truly insane lol.  It did feel good to get rid of so much stuff, but sad to see just how much we still had left.  I say it is going to be good living in a hotel for a month, so we can see just how much we can live without. 

So Saturday August 8, we headed out to Arizona.  My parents came in their truck, which had all the tvs and the kitchen table in.  Then Jacob' s parents came, and his nephew and his girlfriend came with them, and then Jacob's sister and her husband and their kids came too.  It was so great to have so much help.  We got to the storage about 4pm that day and it seemed so quick to unload the uhaul.   After that we returned the uhual and everyone checked into their hotels. 

We were all starving at this point and found a pizza place not far from our hotel.  It is like a chuck e cheese, or John's Incredible pizza.  The pizza was really good and it was nice to be able to sit and visit with everyone after the long day. 

Sunday my parents came by our hotel room to say goodbye and headed home, then we went to lunch with Jacob's family and then they came back to see our room before they headed out about 4pm. 

There is no way we could have made this huge move without the love, support and help from our families, and we will forever be grateful for each and every one of them. 

I sat and reflected on all that had happened in the past 3 weeks of our lives.  To think we just packed up our entire life into boxes, packed it up into a uhaul, drove it out of the state, put it all into storage and now live in a hotel.  CRAZY!  But I am so looking forward to this next adventure in our lives and think that this is such an amazing opportunity for Jacob in his career and for our family.  I feel so blessed to call this new place our home. 

Ill share more later, this week has been just as crazy with having to travel to Phoenix for Jacob's work physical, buying a new truck so we have 2 vehicles again, figuring out the kids school information, going to the DMV, getting settled in the hotel and looking for a place to live. 

It is so beautiful here, I will also share some pictures. 


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