Random Ramblings: GHOST TOWN - JEROME, AZ

Monday, October 26, 2015


After we walked all around Jerome and had lunch we thought it would be fun to take a little detour before we headed home and check out the Ghost Town.  

It was quite interesting when you walk up.  It made me and Jamie, my sister in law think of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies and I said The Hills Have Eyes and Wrong Turn.
I mean really just look at all those broke down trucks on the side of the mountain, reminded me perfectly of a scene from Wrong Turn.  CA-REEPY!
Good thing it was daylight, becuase I am not so sure I could have walked through the place had it been dark or even slightly dark.  

They had a little shop when you walk in the door with fun little souvenirs and knick knacky type of things.  The lady couldn't get internet connection on her card reader so she let us all go in for free which was pretty cool.  

There were chickens and roosters running all over the place.  This guy even posed for us.  

There were tons of old cars and trucks, some were so neat to look at.  I said you know if we were really in one of those movies though, one of these trucks would magically have the keys inside and after a few attempts to start it would really start and we could drive off to get away from the scary creepy people.  IF we were in the movies.  

This one was 101 years old and a man from the place actually got this one to start.  

He got this old tractor to start and actually drove it forward a few feet too.  

When we were walking around there were tons of old buildings too. After our tour I asked the lady running the place if it really was an actual working town and buildings and she said it was at one time back in the 1930's.  I can't even imagine. Such a small little place.  All within walking distance to the school, which had make 10 desks, which served all the grades at one time.  Amazing.  How uncomplicated life seems like it was back then compared to now with cell phones, internet, cars...  I love old history like that.  
I sometimes wish I had a time machine and could travel back to see what was going on in the exact spot I am standing now back 50 or even 100 years ago in that exact same spot.  Wouldn't that be amazing.  
I think so.

Here is the school building.  One teacher for several grades, but only a handful of children in the entire school.  Could you imagine.  

A tiny little shoe repair shop.  They didn't have cars back then, so everyone walked so I am sure this shop was pretty busy. 

The jail had just one small barred cell inside.  Must have meant there wasn't much crime, compared to now where we have entire jails that take up an entire block and hold hundreds of criminals.  

I think some of my favorite parts where just the colorful old rusty machines to look at, or the old rusty metal tools hanging around against the side of a building.  

I think this is one of my very favorite pictures that I took.  There is just something about the bright yellow color and the rusty old machine.  

This was one giant chainsaw shop or something, but if that didn't make you think scary chainsaw movie I don't know what else could.  It was crazy and creepy the amount of chainsaws hanging up in there.  

They also had a wood cutting area.  I would love to own a big machine like that and take giant logs and cut down my own wood for my wood signs.  That would be amazing. 

It was fun walking around that place and seeing all the cool stuff.  But I will never go at night lol.  

Have you ever been to a haunted town before?  


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