Random Ramblings: WE WERE BOO'D!

Friday, October 30, 2015


The week before last the night was like usual, getting the kids showered and ready for bed for school the next morning.  But then the doorbell rang.  Strange we thought since we just moved in and don't know anyone that would stop by unexpected.  

When we answered it there was no on there, but there was a fun little basket of goodies sitting there waiting for us.  

The kids were so excited.  
We had no idea who did it.  
There was  fun little note about the ghost phantom coming to visit us and now we had to pass the fun on to two other neighbors. 
There was also a hand written note on the directions that said welcome to the neighborhood from the neighbors up the street. 

There were glow sticks , candy, pencils, periscopes and a giant spider in our cute little bucket.  

So now it was our turn to do it to 2 other neighbors around. 
So the next morning after I dropped the kids off at school I ran to the dollar store and Walmart to gather my goods. 
My first thought was to make both baskets in a ghost theme, but I wasn't finding as much as I wanted and then I came across some super cute Frankenstein stuff .  So I made a ghost themed one and a Frankenstein themed one.  

I couldn't find a plain white bucket so I got this metal basket, which is really a trash can, but hey it worked for what I needed it to work for.  
I got some of the crinkly paper for the bottom in a silver color (because they didn't have black or whtie).
I got some ghost bags, ghost peeps, foam ghosts, a ghost notebook, ghost suckers, ghost balloons, a ghost pez dispenser, ghost yard decorations, 2 ghost battery operated lanterns and a white bottle of gatorade.

I made this fun little BOO banner to go with it.  

I put everything together in the basket, and tied the banner around the outside of it.
For a fun touch I took the gatorade label off and drew a ghost face.  

For our Frankenstein bucket, we got a green bucket, some kraft colored paper shred, a glow in the dark flying saucer, a box of gummy candy that looked like frankenstein, frankenstein suckers, caramel apple taffy because it was lime green to match, a bottle of green bubbles, a box, frankenstein bags, a green water bottle and a green bottle of gatorade.  

I used green vinyl and made the bubbles and water bottle into frankenstein and drew the same look on the gatorade bottle.  

I filled one of the Frankenstein bags with the caramel apple taffy.  

I piled it all into the bucket as well. 

I did also use vinyl and give the bucket a Frankenstein face as well.  

Then once it got dark that night, we went to the neighbors houses ( we did some that were real close so we didn't need to take the car), and I had Caleb run up to the door, place the bucket down, then ring the doorbell and run as fast as he could back to us.  
I figured just one child running away would be much easier than all of us trying to get out of there in time before they opened the doors and we might get caught.  :)

It was so much fun! 

I already have ideas for next year.  Well truth be told I was searching pinterest for some ideas and they have this same concept idea for I think every holiday imaginable lol.  So it might be fun to do it for several holidays.  

I have to say that I have heard of this but we have never had it done to us.  I love how friendly our Arizona neighborhood is.  :)

Well then this last week another neighbor of ours brought us this basket, just as a welcome to the neighborhood/happy halloween basket.  It was full of fun treats for the kids and little toys.

WOWI mean just look at all this fun stuff in here.  

Have you ever been BOO'D by your neighbors, or started a BOO fest in your neighborhood?  What did you get, or put in your buckets?  



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