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Monday, November 9, 2015


So I had a few posts in mind I wanted to share with you and then last week something horrible happened.  My hard drive had some kind of malfunction and wiped itself clean.  As in zero zip zilch on it.  So... until I can get that stuff off of it (hopefully, lets pray) I am back at ground zero as far as photos for posts.  Thankfully I did have this post started and saved here so I can at least share that with you right now.  :)
I am going to go through my phone and see if I have some pictures of things I planned to share where with you, which I think I might have one or two.  So that is a start at least.
But until then I will share this yummy recipe with you.  

As you all know we lived in a hotel for a bit when we first moved to Arizona.  Instead of eating dinner out every night I did try to make meals in the hotel a few times.  We had a small little kitchen with a stove, but no oven.  So we got a new crockpot (ours was packed and in storage) so that I could easily make some crock pot dinners.  
The first night I made some roasts and potatoes.  
Then the next night I made a lasagna.  Turned out pretty good.  
I would recommend saving a little cheese to add at the end just before you are ready to serve so it is nice and cheesy.  I added all the cheese when I put it together, which didn't turn out bad but some just melted cheese would be great too.  
So let me show you how I mad this lasagna.  
First I browned my meat in a pot and drained all the oil.   

I thought it would be much easier to just use jarred sauce instead of trying to make homemade at this time.  The kind I used was Barilla.  

Once the meat was completely cooked and drained I added the jars of sauce and mixed it well.  

I added a spoonful of the meat and sauce mixture to the bottom of the crockpot.

I then used the lasagna noodles, uncooked and added them in the crockpot.  I broke some to just makes sure the entire layer was covered.  

I then added a layer of meat and sauce mixture.  Enough to cover all the noodles.  Then I covered that with mozzarella cheese.  Then I sprinkled a little bit of Parmesan cheese.  

I repeated the layers until the top of the crokpot.  I used about a box and a half of noodles and several jars of sauce.  I didn't want it to get too dry.  I left it on high for several hours and it was done.  I think though next time low for the entire day would be fine too.  

Then it was ready.  I just sliced into it just like it was from a pan out of the oven.  

My only recommendation would be to save some cheese and when it is close to being done sprinkle some on the top and let it just melt and then serve.  Ours was good, but I like the cheese on top to be melty not more on the done side.  But that is just me.  It was still really good.  
And like I mentioned add more sauce than you would in a lasagna you make and toss right into the oven because in the crock pot it seems to soak it up more or something.  :) 

I haven't made lasagna in the crock pot or even in the oven since we moved into the house, but now that the weather is getting colder I tend to make it more often.  My goal is to make a few for the freezer too.  Hopefully that is.  

What is your favorite crock pot dinner meal?  


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