Random Ramblings: HALLOWEEN 2015

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


How was your Halloween this year?  
Ours was good, quiet and a little different but good because they kids enjoyed it and that is really what matters, right?

This was our first Halloween in Arizona, first real "holiday" by ourselves here.  It was a good day though.  It was pretty quiet and it wasn't extra freezing so that was an added bonus.  

This year we actually bought new costumes.  The last few years the boys wanted to wear the same costumes from the year before, so whatever worked was good.  But with moving we had no spare costumes this year and they pretty much out grew those old ones from years past anyways.  So we went to Walmart and let them pick out new ones.  YIKES, now I remember why I never do that.  They are so so expensive for something they will wear for all of a few hours one day a year.  But they got what they wanted so I guess all worth it in the end.  

This year Little Jacob was having a hard time deciding.  He found a few he liked then he found this police costume that he really liked so that is what he went with.  Caleb found this Master Chief costume thing from the Halo Video Game.  Ya he made me feel old because I just had no clue lol.  
Chloe was dead set on being a cheetah, because that is her latest obsession.  She says it is because they run super fast and that makes them her favorite animal.  Hers we really just made it more than bought it.  I got her cheetah ears and tail, I found this cheetah shirt, made her a cheetah tutu skirt and drew cheetah on her face.  She was thrilled.  

We were totally late on getting the pumpkins this year so the day before when the kids and I went groecery shopping the boys picked theirs out.  Chloe got hers earlier in the week during her class field trip to the pumpkin patch.  
So Saturday morning we got up, Jacob made breakfast and we carved pumpkins.  I say we like I did much but I didn't actually.  Jacob helped the kids get all the guts out and cut off their tops.  Then the kids drew on their faces and we helped them cut them out.  

Little Jacob with his pumpkin.  He wanted some dracula teeth on his.  

Caleb and his with many many teeth.  

Chloe with her pumpkin.  She wanted the nose and mouth as one big scary thing.  

I put in some flameless candles I had so that I didn't worry about them when we went out trick or treating that night.  

We relaxed around the house during that day and then the kids were so ready to get dressed for trick or treating.  
Chloe was angry and didn't want any cheetah designs drawn on her face what so ever.  Daddy finally convinced her to let me draw them on her.  

What a fun surprise when we were trick or treating and the girl that answered the door matched Chloe exactly.  The other girl was so excited she asked if she could take a picture with Chloe.  That was so much fun, and Chloe was so excited.  

We trick or treated around our new neighborhood for about an hour and a half and then the kids thought it was fun to sit out front and hand out candy to the other trick or treaters.  We have never been able to do that before.

Then we came inside and the kids went through all their candy and just like that Chloe was out on the couch.  She was talking one minute then out the next.  I guess trick or treating will do that to a cheetah.  

The kids had fun.  It was different from all the other Halloweens we have had before.  Usually the streets are so crowded it is a bit of chaotic going on, but here there were trick or treaters but not by the bus full in the streets.  It made it nice for walking around and enjoying the night.  

What do you do on Halloween?  Do you trick or treat or go to churches for trunk or treating?


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