Random Ramblings: NEONS BASKETBALL

Friday, November 20, 2015


We are so proud of this guy.  He tried out for his schools basketball team.  Everyone that tried out made it onto a team, and all the teams play against each other.  They had enough kids try out that they were able to form 5 teams. 
But no matter what he may be facing with his foot, he NEVER lets that stop him.  He keeps on trying and moving forward.  He has played baseball and now basketball, he even did karate for a bit.  He is the smallest kid on his team, but he plays with all his heart and is always wearing a smile on his face.  

His team is currently undefeated. YAY!  

He didn't get to play in todays game becuase he is missing some homework assignments in his math class that brough his grade down, and bad grade do not allow for participating in sports activities, but he turned some in today that were missing so that should make it so he can play again.  Hard lessons to learn, but they need to be enforced and we are fine with that. I know he was bummed he couldn't play but I think he understands just how important it is to make sure all his homework gets turned in. I tell him if you took the time to do it, I sure the heck would want to get the credit for it and make sure I turned it in.  :)  

But I just want to always remember what an inspiration he is to me.  He doesn't let his foot issues ever stop him, nope he just puts his heart into it and tries with all his might.  I sometimes need to remember that myself.  He will always be my little hero and an inspiration to me!  

Now lets go NEONS and stay undefeated!!  

And, of course because nothing is safe in this house, and my crafty brain just can't let it be, I had to heat transfer vinyl his team name and number on his shirt.  

And my vinyl obsession doesn't stop there, so I had to of course make his coach her own cup as well. I actually have these cups listed in my etsy shop, so it was a given that I was going to make her one... Well ok I made myself a basketball mom one as well.  :) 

Do your kids inspire you?  Do they play sports?  Do you give their teachers and coaches gifts?  


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