Thursday, November 12, 2015


Last week we had our first official Arizona snow day.  It was fun.  The kids said it was snowing pretty hard at school, but it wasn't at our house that day.  So they still were in school that day.  I picked them up like normal that day and when we came home it started to rain then snow.  It wasn't sticking much since it was still pretty wet outside.  
They of course had to go outside and play in it.  

It started to stick just a tiny bit.  

I guess they first thought we were still in CA weather and went outside with no jackets.  I made them go in and get them on since it was pretty cold out.  

We were kind of hoping it would snow all night and we would have a no school snow day, but that didn't happen.  The sun was out the next morning, but it was still pretty cold.  The car doors were frozen shut that morning even.  Jacob has since cleaned the garage so we can park in there now. YAY!
But it must have snowed alot downtown that night becuase it was covered on the way to school that morning.  

It is definitely not the same kind of weather we are used to in CA.  I can't wait to see what the winters are like here in Arizona. I have heard our town is very into Christmas and decorate like no other.  It is called the Christmas town after all.  

Does it snow where you live?  I think it would be so amazing to live in a place where you get snowed inside your house for a few days at a time, and have to all stay in and each chili and soups and warm up by the fire all day long.. like Baby Boom movie kind of thing.  But I am sure I say that but would go stir crazy if that was really the case, and the kids would be fighting non stop and driving each other insane.  


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