Random Ramblings: PRAY FOR PARIS

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Friday the world was hit with another tragic terrorist act.  I was running errands and going grocery shopping, grabbing a few supplies for orders I needed to finish up this weekend, going about my normal routine like all was well.  I had no clue what was unfolding across the world.

I was on my way home and got a text from my sister in law Amberley that incase we saw the news my brother was safe.  Wait what is going on?  Well that morning my brother flew into Paris for work. He works for Air1 / Klove Radio and him and a few other people flew to Paris for training and to work on some stuff at thier Air1/KLove Paris station.  So she sent the link to the news article.

Here is the link she sent me.  

I had no idea! Thankfully he was fine but the rest of Paris was not.  How tragic and horrific yet once again for part of our world.  I will continue to pray for Paris and the rest of our world for that matter.  

When I sit and think of all these horrible acts against our countries these days it is a little scary to think of the times we live in now.
I pray for peace in our nations and a safer world that we live in.  



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