Random Ramblings: January 2015

Saturday, January 31, 2015


Today I am sharing this card I recently made for my Aunt's upcoming birthday party.  I have been dying to make a shaker card! They seem to be all the rage lately.  

I started with designing my cut in my SILHOUETTE STUDIO software so I knew exactly what size I wanted and needed everything to be.  I first cut out the black portion on ADHESIVE BACKED CARSTOCK in BLACK.  

The first thing I did was spray a little STUDIO CALICO MISTER HUEYS WHITE COLOR MIST 
I then cut two small pieces of transparency.  I put one on the back of the black cardstock.  
I cut a matching circle from my card base, so that you can see through the entire card.  Then I put the second piece of transparency on the top portion of the card base.  
I added foam adhesive around the entire circle, making a snug fit for all the filler pieces.  
I made it double thick so that there was room for the shaker filling to move around.  

I filled the shaker portion with sequins from FELICITY JANE and some SILHOUETTE AMERICA GLITTER in coordinating colors.  

Then I laid my black cardstock on top of the foam adhesive.
I took my SILHOUETTE AMERICA PRINTABLE FOIL in GOLD and SILVER and cut out stars, th, and happy birthday.  Since it is adhesive on the back, it makes it so easy to just add it to the card.  
I sprinkled on some of my sequins and glued those on with some liquid adhesive. 

I love how the glitter and sequins add a unique look to the shaker card.  

Have you joined the shaker card trend yet? I would love to see your shaker card too.   



Monday, January 26, 2015


I have a HUGE OBSESSION with subway art.  I want some in every room of my house.  So today I am over on the SILHOUETTE AMERICA blog sharing this BATHROOM RULES SUBWAY ART project.  Come check it out and see how easy you can create one too.  


Friday, January 23, 2015



Here is all the information that I took right off their blog.  

Do you love creating with your Silhouette, and sharing your ideas with other creatives? We may be looking for you!

We are excited to announce the call for Silhouette’s 2015 Creative Team!

Here’s the scoop…

Creative team responsibilities:
  • create and submit 3-4 new projects monthly, using the Silhouette, that showcase our products {including at least 1 full tutorial}
  • post projects to online galleries and social media
  • have great attention to detail
  • take great photos of your work
  • be willing to commit to one year starting April 2015
  • have fun!
  • be awesome!
What you’ll receive: 
  • A box of happy mail, filled with Silhouette products to work with each month
  • a premium subscription to the Silhouette online store {wowza!}
  • a link to your personal blog in each of your posts and other social media shout outs
  • sneak peeks of new products before they are released

How to apply:

Submit the following information in an email to blog@silhouetteamerica.com with DESIGN TEAM in the subject line.



email address:

In a short paragraph tell us a little bit about yourself and your crafting history:

Links to your website/blog and other social media sites, ie. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, G+:

If you are currently on a design team, please list them: [previous design team experience not required]

Tell us why you think you’d be a good fit for our team:

How would you describe your crafting style:

List which of the following categories you are most interested in.
  • parties
  • apparel/accessories
  • quilting/sewing
  • home decor
  • scrapbooking
  • cards
  • projects for the classroom/kids crafts

Attach 5 of your best projects created with the Silhouette for each of the categories you listed. [ example: If you list that you are interested in parties and home decor, you will send in 10 projects total, 5 from each category ]

**Please be sure to include all required information. Incomplete applications will not be considered.**

The deadline for applications is midnight {MST} February 13, 2015. Previous design team experience is not required.  If you are selected for the design team you will be notified by email on or before February 20, 2015. Open to US & Canada residents only.  Receipt of email confirmations will not be sent, but if your email is sent with DESIGN TEAM in the subject line, we will get it. Email is pretty good that way these days. :) 

Good luck everyone. We look forward to seeing your applications!

I have loved being on the CREATIVE TEAM so much.  I can't wait to also see all the new members and all the inspiration that comes from them.  Best of luck to all those that apply!

Monday, January 19, 2015



to this sweet girl of ours!
She is growing up into such an amazing little girl.
I am a bit sad that she is growing up so fast, but I am also really enjoying watching her turn from a little babyish girl into a young lady little girl.  
She is such a daddys girl so much and I love that about her. 
She loves to be crafty, she loves to play in the dirt and also loves purses and nail polish too. 
She is so excited to start school this coming year, and I just don't know if daddy and I are ready for this yet.
She LOVES to help do laundry and our nightly chores around the house.  She is going to be very responsible that is for sure.  
Time sure has flown by from the day I had her.  

This is her on her 3rd birthday, 4th birthday and 5th bithday.  No more baby face, but a sweet little girl face.

I hope your day has been great!


Friday, January 16, 2015


Well now that Christmas is over, we can start to think about all of the other holidays coming up here so quickly.  Valentines Day is just around the corner.  I don't decorate a lot for many other holidays, but I thought these would be a fun cute little way to add some love decorations to our living room. 

So today I am over on the SILHOUETTE AMERICA blog sharing this fun LOVE project with you. You can check it out HERE.  

Do you decorate for Valentines Day?  Id love to see your handmade decorations as well. 


Tuesday, January 13, 2015


2 0 1 5 
G O A L S  and  R E S O L U T I O N S 

     One thing I always think about at the first of the year is goals and resolutions I have in mind for myself.  This year I started thinking about goals not only for myself but also for my blog and for my business.  So I thought I would share some of my goals and resolutions with you.  Now I am not one to make all these "Resolutions" because I never stick to them and I feel like sometimes they are over rated because there is some unspoken rule that at New Years you have to make all these resolutions, which not many people stick to anyways.  So I think to myself is there things I want to change about myself, my life etc...  I think that it is always to have goals in mind, something to strive for something to work hard for.  So while mine are more goals, I guess you could call a few resolutions too because there are things I want to change too.  

P E R S O N A L : 
~ I really want to loose weight.  But by achieving this GOAL  I need to put in some hard work with it. So my GOAL to get to this destination is to 
~ Stop and enjoy the kids while they are this age.  Many days I feel like I yell way to much or get irritated about things that really aren't that big of a deal.  I am really trying to focus on MOMENTS.  Moments that matter.  Like Chloe staying up to help me with our nightly "chores" of folding laundry, doing the dinner dishes and making brothers lunches.  Im trying to take note of the things the kids say and do and live in the moment more.  

~ Keep up on the laundry and house chores.  For anyone that knows me well, knows how much I HATE doing laundry and it can often be found in a HUGE overflowing pile on the desk in our room or in 3 laundry baskets on our bedroom floor and we dig through them on a daily basis to find what we need because there is an even bigger pile out in the garage of stuff that needs to be washed.  But it feels so good to have it all done and just a peace of mind knowing it is all clean and put away.  This is a HUGE GOAL for myself this year.  ( I do want to make a note here that my husband is wonderful about helping out with the laundry ALL the time, he will wash it, dry it and put it all away and he will never know how much I really do appreciate him).  Our house is never thrashed messy, but I want to stay on top of the regular day to day chores along with the laundry.  

~ Send more cards and personal hand written notes out in the mail.  

~ Send out a few more sunshine boxes to un-expecting recipients this year. 

~ Have more family movie nights.  I want us to pick a movie, make popcorn and all pile in the living room.  

~ Play more board games with the kids as a family. 

~ Get started on my Christmas shopping early (well I am making several things this year so I want to get started now)

~ Get ALL our credit cards paid off this year.  We don't have many but the few we do have I want to get them paid down to $0.  

~ A few years ago we had something come up and we needed some extra cash right at that moment.  So through our credit union we took out a title loan on our Expedition.  I want to get this paid off this year as well.  (This one I already know is going to happen because it will be paid off in July, but it is still fun to put it on my list since I will be able to check it off once it is done.) 

~ Save money.  Weather we put away $5 each paycheck or $100, my GOAL is to save some from each paycheck.  

~ Get outside more, weather it is just playing in the front yard or taking the kids to the park.  Just get outside more. 

~ READ.  I want to read a book or two or three.  I miss reading and although it may take me a long time to read one book at least I can say I am currently reading a book. 

~ Eat out less.  Not that we eat out tons but sometimes it is just easier so I want to use my crockpot more and just eat out way less in general. 

~ Get back into couponing. 

~ Go on more date nights with Jacob.  This is often hard with his crazy rotating work schedule but I want to make sure we make time for it more often.  We went out just a few times in all of 2014 so I want to do it more this year.  Even if we don't "go" anywhere but have a date night at home.  Take the kids to my moms like we would if we were going out and then have a date night at home.

~ FOCUS.  I think if I was to play along with Ali Edwards' one little word this year my word would be FOCUS.  To focus on the bigger picture of things.  Not stress about the tiny little things I cannot change, focus on the bigger things, the end GOAL.  Focus on being a good wife and mom.  Focus on a business plan.  Focus on paying off those credit cards. Focus on living in the moment. Focus on being happy.  Focus on my family.  Focus on staying organized for 2015.  Focus on breathing through the hard times.  Focus on GOD and know that he has a plan for my life and trust in him that he will carry us through everything life has to offer.  

~ Stop being a procrastinator. I don't know how this one will go, since I have been this way all my life and sometimes I work best under pressure, but sometimes I even annoy myself when I wait until the last second to get things done. 

~ Make a recipe scrapbook/or just a recipe album this year with all our favorite family recipes.  Something that I can eventually give a copy to each of the kids when they get older. 

~  Get caught up on Project Life 2014.

~ Get caught up on the kids school albums. 

I am sure there are more things I have said to myself that I want to change or do personally in 2015 but I think this is a good list to go by at least for now. I think part of being human is that we are constantly changing and growing as we live and go through things and as we get older and more mature.  We learn lessons and That which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger! So to myself I also tell myself it is ok if I don't live up to all my personal GOALS and standards I set for myself.  We all know we are our own worst critics and I know that is so true for myself.  

B L O G :
  • Blog more often and more on a regular basis.
  • Blog every SUNDAY RAMBLINGS 
  • Gain new subscribers
  • Share more real life stories

B U S I N E S S :
This kind of has 2 parts.  I have my photography business and the end of last year I started my online etsy store called noticeablyNICOLES.  I was so swamped with orders and I loved every minute of it.  I have a lot of ideas for wood signs and wood projects in mind for my shop this year.  
  • I would love to start my GOAL of 5 sales a month.  
  • Stay organized with all my orders and profit
  • Maybe make it to one craft fair or show this year. 
  • Advertise my photography and etsy store more.
  • Order new business cards for both.
Do you have any GOALS and RESOLUTIONS for the new year?  


Monday, January 12, 2015


Conversation between Chloe and Caleb at dinner tonight. 

CALEB : "Mom, I saw an ad on the internet about a boy having a baby!?"

CHLOE : " Um Caleb, don't you know boys can't have babies. It is fake, it is just photoshopped"

So funny.  

Sunday, January 11, 2015


week 2

  • Sunday Chloe was sick.  Poor baby girl was cuddly and had a stuffed up and runny nose, her tummy hurt and she had a little fever.  She fell asleep with us at 7pm which is rare for her. 
  • I got coupons again because I want to get back into couponing.  I miss it. I might not be crazy-get-10-papers-each-week kind of couponer again but I do want to get back into it.
  • Monday I had a few errands to run. 
  • The boys were still on Christmas Break this week.  
  • Tuesday we took a drive over to Deep Creek and I snapped some pictures of the kids out there. 
  • Tuesday night Caleb came in after we were laying down for bed and he cuddled up next to me and fell asleep on me.  Love that kid.
  • Wednesday I had some work stuff to pick up from my moms and Jacob washed the cars. 
  • Wednesday Chloe had dance class for the first time since Christmas Break. 
  • Thursday Jacob vacuumed out the Kia and it looks brand new again.
  • Thursday night we took Jacob dinner out to work and we sat in the control room and had dinner with him.  We took him In N Out.  YUM
  • Friday I worked on some wood signs I need to get finished up. 
  • Friday night the washing machine was being moody and I was so scared we were going to have to buy a new one. Ours is old but still having to buy appliances is depressing.  Jacob fixed it so it will work for now, but eventually we are going to need a new one.  For now I will use it until its last dying leg. 

  • Saturday I got caught up on all the laundry. For anyone that knows me, knows this is HUGE. 
  • Saturday the neighbor girls stayed the night, since it is the last night they can before the boys go back to school. 
  • Today I ran to the store this morning to get a few groceries and get some cinnamon rolls for all the kids. 
  • I worked on a new item for my etsy shop.
  • Last night our dogs got out and they have still not come home. I am worried they are going to be at the pound.  
  • I think we will be doing good to adjust once again to the ole routine with the boys going back to school. 
  • No real other plans at the moment.  

  • Nothing yet.  I really want to start a book.  

  • Planning Chloe's birthday party that is in a few weeks.  
  • Staying caught up on the laundry and house work. 

  • So far so good lol.  Caught up for 2015 and still working on 2014.  I got my week 1 layout completed and blogged.  

  • We watched several movies this week.  We watched them all on Netflix.
     AdoreA pair of childhood friends and neighbors fall for each other's sons.

  • In Your Eyes :Two seemingly unconnected souls from different corners of the United States make a telepathic bond that allows them to see, hear and feel the others experiences, creating a bond that apparently can't be broken.

  • Oculus: A woman tries to exonerate her brother, who was convicted of murder, by proving that the crime was committed by a supernatural phenomenon.

  • October Baby: A college freshman's world is rocked when she learns she is the adopted survivor of an attempted foeticide.

  • Finding Normal: The only thing standing between Dr. Lisa Leland (Candice Cameron Bure) and the wedding of her dreams in the Hamptons is a 2600-mile drive from Los Angeles to Long Island. However, a run in with the law in the country town of Normal, Louisiana leaves Dr. Leland with a choice--Jail or community service. Sentenced to serve three days as the town's doctor, Lisa has her world turned upside down by a man she would never expect. Quickly, Lisa finds that there's a lot more to Normal than she could have ever imagined.
  • It was warm several days this last week.  
  • Today and yesterday were cold and rainy. It rained all day today and I loved it.  

  • We ate good this week.
  • We had home made pork fried rice and homemade beef wontons
  • We had grilled chicken salad
  • Chili fritos and chili frito burritos
  • In n Out
  • Friday night I made all the kid pancakes for dinner.  They loved it. 
  • Home made pastrami sandwiches
  • Chicken Parmesean - one of my very favorite dishes. 
What is your week all about, Id love to hear about it. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Well so far I can say I am on top of one of my 2015 goals. I am on top of my PROJECT LIFE 2015 album.  I know it is only week 2, but I have completed week 1 so technically I am doing good.  We shall see how long it lasts lol, while I still work on getting 2014 done as well.  :)  
I am liking all the colors of the Honey Edition Kit for our current year.
I have to admit that I wrote those cards over three times because I didn't like the way they looked the first two times. First I used a blue pen and I didn't like the look of that, the second time I didn't like my writing with the pen I used, so finally I went back to my trusty Project Life Pen and like how it looks now.  

Here is the entire week layout.  

Left side close up.

Left side, full layout.

Right side Close up.

Right side, full layout. 


We drove out to Lancaster to photography my cousins grandkids.  Then we stopped to visit my grandma and Aunt.  Jacob helped them put all the Christmas decorations away in the shed.

Our "HUGE" snow storm brought enough to cover the cars and the grass and that was it.  By morning most of it was already melted.  Bummer, I really wanted a good snow storm.

I love that my Caleb is such a cuddler.  He came up tonight just to sit and cuddle with me for a few minutes.  Love this little guy.

 Jacob's parents and his sister and her girls, and his other sister and her husband came over for dinner.  We had shredded beef tacos made with left over roast meat. We all ate, and watched Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve.  Then we all had a glass of sparkling cider at midnight.  Chloe didn't make it to midnight and our neice Hannah didn't either.  We tried waking them both up and Chloe woke up for a bit and that was it.  

One of my favorite soups ever is the Chicken Tortilla Soup from the La Casita in Victorville.  I drove over there yesterday to get this soup, abondigas soup for Jacob and chips and salsa so we could have it with our tacos for dinner.  Today I had some left over soup for breakfast and it was so good.

Our sweet little Chloe looks so big and grown up sitting here eating her cereal.

I used the left over potatoes and carrots and juice from the roasts and made homemade abondigas soup for dinner. It came out so good.  I have never made it before and I winged it with some ideas from some recipes I found online.

Today was the Adelanto Grand Prix.  We took the kids so they could see some of the races and we walked around.  It isn't nearly as big as it used to be when Jacob would race it, but it was still nice. We ended up signing up to get the local newspaper and then the kids each got a new hat for us signing up.  Jacob got a monster hat too for $5.  Jacob wants to race next year, and Caleb says he does one minute then the next he doesn't so we shall see lol.


Thursday, January 8, 2015


Our little Chloe is turning 5 in just 10 days.  WOW, I know I can't believe it.
But I have been planning her birthday party for some time now. I tried to start early so that it wasn't so much to do right after the holidays.
My sister in law Amberley made the invitations for me and I printed them out at Costco this week and am sticking them in the mail tomorrow.  I think they turned out so cute.  

I have a little corner in our dining room that I have just been collecting stuff as I buy it for her party.
The colors we are doing for the party are going to be purple, pink, lime green and teal.

I have a board on pinterest with tons of ideas.. now I need to get cracking on the rest of the stuff I need to finish before the day of the party.  

You can check out my pinterest board HERE

Ill share more as I get more done. :)


Monday, January 5, 2015


The other night I made a few roasts in my new crock pot.  I cooked 3 so that we could have it for dinner that night, and I could use the left over meat for shredded beef tacos the next night.
Well that night we had tacos, I also went over to our favorite Mexican restaurant and picked up some chicken tortilla soup for me and abondigas soup for Jacob.
After I used up all the meat for meals, I was left with the potatoes and carrots and I got an idea to use up that part and make it into abondigas soup.
I had never made it before, so I looked online for a few recipes and didn't really follow any, but had a good idea then of how I wanted to attempt the soup.  It turned out SO good.  We will definitely be making this one again for sure.

CILANTRO- chopped handful
1 YELLOW ONION - large chopped


     Mix all meatball ingredients in a large bowl. 
     Roll out meatballs into about a 1 1/2 inch ball.
     Lay out on a cookie sheet about an inch apart and bake until done.  Usually about 40 minutes
     Bake at 350 degrees.

     While the meatballs are cooking you can start the soup base. 
     In a large pot combine all the other ingredients including the juice from the cans.
     Drop in the beef bouiliion cubes.
     Bring to a boil.
     Then turn down to a small extra low simmer.
     Drop in the meatballs once they are done.
     Let simmer on extra low for several hours, stirring occasionally.
You can add more cilantro to your own bowl if you like extra, or add more into the big pot as well.
You can really make this soup your own, add rice to the pot too if you would like. 
Serve hot and enjoy. 


Sunday, January 4, 2015



  • Last Sunday we drove out to Lancaster to take my cousin Debbie’s grandkids pictures.  Some of them were out from Colorado, so they asked me to come out and take some pictures of them. 
  • After  the photo shoot we stopped by grandmas to visit for a bit.  She wree and as doing really good, and Jacob helped my Aunt Vicki finish taking down their Christmas decorations back into the shed.
  • We went through the kids closets and got rid of old toys, and clothes that were too small. We had to make room for all the new Christmas stuff to go in.
  • We went to my parents house so Jacob could help put all their Christmas tubs up in the rafters and we ended up staying for dinner.  It was a nice visit, since we don’t usually get a change to go over there for things like that.
  • Cleaning the kids rooms got me motivated to clean up and organize the office.  I got a lot done in there, which always then inspires me to make things J
  • New Years Eve Jacob’s parents came over, and his sister and her 2 girls, then his other sister and her husband came by later on.  They stayed for dinner and we hung around and watched the Dick Clark’s Rockin New Years Eve.  At midnight we all had sparkling cider. 
  • New Years Day we undecorated the house and I kind of miss the glow of the Christmas tree. 
  • Our dogs went missing, but luckily came back home the next afternoon.
  • Saturday was the Adelanto Grand Prix so we took the kids for a bit so they could see the motorcycle races, and the kids seemed to have fun. 
  • Had to make a Home Depot trip for some wood for signs.
  • Chloe was sick today.
  • The kids are still on winter break for this week.  I am kind of excited about that actually.  I am enjoying the slower schedule the break lets us have. 
  • Chloe starts back to dance class on Wednesday from being on Christmas break.  They are starting to work on their dance recital routine. 
  • Nothing much planned, just working on some projects I need to finish up.
  • Need to finish editing the wedding pictures I did, and my cousins grandkids photos shoot.
  • Not much really.  I want to find a good book to start reading.  Maybe I will read the Debbie Macomber book I have in my drawer next to my side of the bed. 
  • Wood signs that I need to finish up and get shipped out this week.
  • I have a few new ideas for items I want to make for my etsy store noticeablyNICOLES
  • Keeping up with the laundry and dishes and keeping the house clean.
  • Editing photos
  • Planning Chloe’s 5th birthday party in a few weeks.  Her party will be Doc Mcstuffin themed. 
  • I got my 2015 title page done and tonight I am going to send this weeks photos to Costco to be printed.
  • I am still playing catch up on 2014. 
  • Tonight I am watching the first episode of the new season of Sister Wives. 
  • I have been watching some episodes of Criminal Minds to get caught up
  • I am way behind on Revenge and Reign still.
  • We watched a good Kate Hudson movie on Netflix called Good People.  It was really good.  It has her and James Franco in it and they find a huge amount of money in their tenants apartment after he dies.  I do recommend it, we liked it alot.  
  • It actually snowed on Tuesday night this past week.  It didn’t snow tons, enough to cover the cars and just enough to cover the top of the grass.  But it started at night and by morning it was starting to melt aready and that was all we got.  Bummer we would have loved to have a big storm.
  • It has been cooler this week too, but still sunny as well.
  • We had roast and potatoes one night that I cooked in our new crock pot.  It was so good. Jacob and I both have been craving roast lately.
  • New Years Day I used the left over roasts to make shredded beef tacos. 
  • I then made Abondigas Soup with the left over potatoes and carrots and juice from the roast.  I have never made this soup before and I was very pleased with how it turned out. 
  • Last Sunday on the way home from my grandmas, we stopped all wanted something different for dinner that night.  So we stopped at Subway for Caleb, Taco Bell for Chloe and then me, Jacob and little Jacob all had Chinese food.  

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Last year I used the Cinnamon Edition kit, and I loved it very much, however this year I wanted something with more color.  I was really unsure which kit I wanted. But one day before Christmas I went to Michaels for some vinyl and all their Project Life kits were 50% off.  So I picked the Honey kit for this year.  There is a lot of color in it, and a lot of turquoise, which is what I really wanted.

So on New Years Day I sat down and got my title page finished.  I didn’t add much to it, but just a little to spruce it up.

The top left card I cut our last name from silhouette brand silver foil.  I thought it blended in too much to the background, so I added a strip of vellum and then added the silver foil over the top of that.  Much better.  I just used some small white letter stickers I had on hand for the and family. 

The top right take a picture card, I just added the hello life stamp in black. It is a Ali Edwards stamp. 

For the small orange card on the far right in the middle, I used some silver thickers to add the year.  I did this for last years title page with the same numbers.  I liked the silver accents I was adding to this page so it just worked out that it was the same numbers from last year.

In the middle row, I took out two cards, and added a photo of me and Jacob and one of the kids too.  I really like having a photo on the title page, so instantly you can see from year to year how we have all changed. 

On the other card in the middle row, I just added a strip of silver glitter tape to the top and hand wrote the word always on the card.

On the bottom right colored chevron card, I cut down a smaller card in the kit and glued it down right on top of the bigger one.  I added a strip of the same silver glitter tape under the smaller card.

For the left bottom cloud card I wrote my name.  I then used another Ali Edwards stamp for the favorite memories, and above that I hand wrote documenting our.  I then drew a few tiny red hearts on the card as well, even a few over on the other side of the card.  

I also decided that I wanted to be a little more organized when I am writing down what photos I am going to use in my album for each week.  I usually just download all my photos, and they go into a folder by date taken. I do this for my DSLR photos and the same thing for all my IPHONE photos.  Then I take a piece of paper and write down the dates and scribble next to the date which photos I am going to use and make a little note next to it if it is an IPHONE photo.  Then next to that I write 4x6 or 2x3 so I know where it will go in that weeks layout.  I don’t decide exactly which space it will go in until I am actually putting the photos into my album. I don’t really stress too much about that part.
So I went online and was just wanting to print something out with the days of the week so I could have it all ready to jot down the photos for that day.  I found a printable from back in 2013 for the month of December.  I saved it, opened it in photoshop and altered it to what I needed and printed out 26 sheets.  Each page will hold 2 weeks and started on Sunday, which is what I wanted since my weeks in my album start on Sunday. 
Then I just wrote the week it is above each row, and I will just fill in the dates each week and make notes to myself for what photos I am going to use.  I hole punched them all and next time I am at Target I am going to pick up a pretty folder to store them in. 

I am really hoping this will help me stay on track of printing out all my photos for this year.  
I really want to be more organized in all areas of my life for 2015. 

I have never done the "one little word" thing each year that is so popular, but I think if I was to pick a word for myself for 2015 it would be ORGANIZED. 

Are you doing Project Life for 2015?  Which kit are you using for this year?  


Thursday, January 1, 2015

HAPPY 2015

The days leading up to Christmas and several days after have been a complete blur to me.  We celebrated with many loved ones near and far.  I had a wedding to photograph, a family with out of town grandchildren to photograph and so many wood sign orders the days all seemed to be mashed together.
Now that Christmas is over I want to focus on 2015 coming.  This is going to be a good year.  This week I want to sit down and write out some of my goals and plans for the new year to help me stay focused.

So for today I want to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!