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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


The other day we were at Walmart and Chloe had been begging for play-dough. 
I thought ok, she really wants some Ill find a cheap little pack and get her some.
Ugh let me just start with asking you this, have you seen the prices of play-dough lately?  I was blown away at how much it cost!  So I told her I would get her one tub and we could build her collection.
Nope that is not what she wanted, and then the boys started asking for expensive toys.
Which then all resulted in me saying no to all toys since a cheap toy was not what they wanted, despite the fact that Christmas just past.  
Which then resulted in Chloe having a complete melt down from the store all the way home.  She rarely has melt downs quite like these, so I did feel bad, but she needed to learn that she doesn't get something everytime we go to the store. I also felt like she needed to learn that just because she threw a huge fit will not get her what she is asking for.
So we made it home, and she calmed down I think once she realized we were not going back to the store.
I text Jacob and told him all about it.  So when he got home from work he suggested that we look up how to make home made play-dough.  BRILLIANT daddy!

So we made 6 batches of home made play-dough that night and it was such a hit.  Even the boys played with it for a few days.  
It was SO easy to make too and took us not much time to make all these.  

Here is how you make it :





1. In a bowl mix flour and salt. ( Caleb got right in there with his hands and mixed it up)

2. In a bowl add warm water and add desired amount of food coloring.  The more food coloring you add the darker and brighter the play-dough will be.  MIX WELL.
3. Pour water/food coloring mix into the flour.  
4. Now kneed it.  Keep kneeding it until the flour is all mixed in and it is not sticky on your hands.  If it is still a little sticky add a tiny bit of flour at a time until it is no longer sticky.  

DONE.  It is that simple.  The kids had fun mixing it up too. 

Have you ever made home made play-dough?  After they were done playing we stored it in just regular zip lock bags.  Chloe took all the cookie cutters from the kitchen and was having a good time making all kinds of shapes with the play-dough .


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