Random Ramblings: PROJECT LIFE 2016 - WEEK 1

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


It is that time of year again.  To start my Project Life album.
Year after year I have great intentions of finishing my album, and much to my dismay, I have yet to complete an album.  :(
However, I have changed my plan of attack for this coming year.
My used to be plan was always to take at least one photo each day with my big camera, then download them onto my computer and then sit down once a week (or month) and sort them to which photos I wanted to use for each days entry.  Then if there was 2 or 3 photos from each day I liked, I had to decided which ones to use big and which ones to use in the small pockets, and then cram 2 or 3 days journaling on to one small 3x4 journaling card.  Sometimes it was stressful trying to figure it all out.  

So my new plan of attack for this year makes it so much simpler.  I am going to use the Project Life App right on my iphone.  I have not wanted to a digital version before because I really do like the hands on part of it all, but I must confess I love the ease of how fast the daily entry comes together.  

I usually take a bath most nights before bed to just unwind and relax.  I made my title page, and my entire first week's spread in one night just while relaxing in the bath.  There is no way I could get anything like that accomplished doing a regular paper version.  And honestly, as much as I LOVE my big camera, I do now take 90% of our daily lives pictures right on my cell phone, so it just makes so much sense to do it this way for 2016.  

And here is another thing I am super excited about.  Usually another issue I have with a paper version of Project Life is if I am out of ink in my printer, I have to order my prints.  I love Costco prints the most for quality and price.  We aren't Costco members at this exact moment, so that wouldn't work.  Then if I do have ink, printing that many photos uses up cost of ink and photo paper and they are not the best quality of prints on my cheap photo paper.  With the Project Life app I can have them printed right from there.  For a 12x12 sized print it is only $1.99.  Yes that is it, and the shipping is a flat rate of only $5 no matter what you order.  So if I order once a month the layouts plus shipping I am spending less than $15 a month and they are delivered right to my door.  What is not to love about that?
With the app it makes it so easy to make collages of my pictures too, to just add a collage of multiple photos for one day.  Because some days our story is more than just one photo.

I was excited at first when I decided to approach my 2016 but once I really got started on it, I was thrilled.  It is so quick and easy and I think I might, just actually might be able to complete my album in the year it is actually happening.  GO ME! 

So let me share a little of my pages with you.  

This is my title page.  Oh and another great thing I love about doing this through my Project Life App is how easy it is to mix and match the kits.  To buy an individual paper kit runs about $30 with no coupons.  I only have 3 kits that I only ever bought on sale or with a coupon.  But then you are limited to just one kit (which I liked not mixing my paper kits, I liked everything to match and coordinate), but to buy a kit in the App runs no more than $1.99.  WHOA!!  
So with that, I only do have a few kits at the moment, and that is fine because I also decided to take a different approach to my cards in my album this year too.  I am just going to go with more of a color them vs a matching kit theme.  So blacks and whites, greys and of course turqouise/teals.  All my journaling cards are just going to be all white with black writing.  I think the white cards will make all the colored cards blend together nicely.

For my title page, I just took some photos I had from this past year and added them in.  I saved the Everyday Life card on to my phone and then opened it in my picframe app I opened it and wrote hello 2016 and saved it again and then used that for one spot in the title page.  I just added one journaling card and wrote the Mantooth Family on it and added one more designed card that matched.  Simple and I love the way it came out.

Here is the left side of week 1.  I like to start my weeks on Sundays, so I started the Sunday right before January 1.  This is just always how I have done it and it works, I like having the entire week on a layout.
Here is the right side of Week 1.  See how easy it is to add some collages in there for a daily entry.  No sweat at all, simple and I love the extra photos it gives me on a layout.  I love the uniformed look of the white journaling cards with the black writing and always the same font.  It is just a font in the Project Life App, that is most similar to my own handwriting.  

Well this post turned out much longer than I anticipated, but once I got started talking about how excited I am for this years approach to my Project Life I couldn't stop talking about it.  :)  

How are you approaching your Project Life album this year?  Do you still do paper or have you attempted to do it digitally?  I would love to see some of your layouts too.  

Happy Documenting.  


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