Random Ramblings: YOUTH HOCKEY

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


It is a new year, so a new sport for Little Jacob.  This next semester his school is offering Hockey.  
Just like basketball everyone that comes out will make the team, and depending on how many kids come depends on how many teams they will be able to form.  

He had two days of "tryouts" and there were enough kids to be able to form 3 teams.  So those teams will play each other each week until the champion team is decided.  

He did really good with the puck and stick coordination.
The puck and the stick are both just plastic so I am not as scared as I would be if it was anything more than that.  :)

The second day of tryouts he asked if he could try the goaly position.  The pads were as big as him, it was quite funny.  But he did really good in that position, so we will see what he gets to play, or if they take turns.  

He found out the other day which team he is going to be on, His coach is going to be the same coach he had for basketball, and he really liked her so he is really excited.  

I have never watched a real hockey game before , nor do I know anything about it.  So I am excited to see him get out there and once again try his hardest at a new sport.  

Let's go Jacob!


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