Random Ramblings: A VALENTINE SWAP BOX

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I have followed along with Kendra and her blog Hanging With the Huiess for several years now.  She is an amazing photographer from Texas with two adorable little boys.  You might recall a few years ago I did a guest appearance on her blog talking about Project Life.  

Well for a few years now she hosts a Valentines Day Box swap.  You pretty much sign up, she looks through everyone and gives you a partner to shop for.  The person you are shopping for is NOT the person shopping for you.  So then you fill out a little questionnaire  about yourself and what you like and don't like.  Then you mail off your box of goodies and then you also get one in the mail too.  

I have seen her talk about if for several years, and on a last minute whim this year I decided why not and joined in on the fun.    

So once I got my person assigned to me that I was going to be shopping for I read over her questionnaire and starting thinking of some ideas.  

So for the week before I needed to ship out my box I grabbed some things here and there.  Some things were things she specifically said she liked, like carmel chocolate, nail polish and jamberry type nails, and gummy bears and some fruit teas.  I got some other random things for her as well. 

A journal, a motion actived bird because I thought it was so fun!, body wash and spray in Cherry Blossom scent,  a little book called Think Positive, bath salts, hand sanitzer, fun Valentines Day socks, a Home plaque in my favorite color, a yummy candle too.  

From the moment I read her questionnaire and saw she liked wine and tea, I knew I wanted to also make her a few things.  So I made her a wine glass with her name on it.  

I then just added her initial to a mug for her teas.  

There was only two requirments for things you had to include in the box you sent. You had to include a card and a love item.  Something that you really love and wanted to share with your box swap girl.  

So my love item was a story locket.  It is not an oragomi owl brand, but I have several and love them all.  Since my girl loves to travel and her dog, I included charms that were so fitting to her.  

I have to say it was really alot of fun shopping for someone I didn't know.  Fun little box to get in the mail.  

Then I got mine in the mail and love it all too.  

I got more M's for our M wall.  An M notebook, and a cute little other notebook which I stuck in my purse for when I need to make myself a note, a list or just reminders.  A magnet picture frame, which I stuck on the fridge.  Some raspberry and chocolate, YUM!   A candle that smells so good.  A little heart dish which is so cute and I haven't decided where I am going to put it just yet.  And some hot chocolate which we have not used yet.  Once it gets cold again I have no doubt we will be using it often.  

Thank you so much Kendra for putting this together, I can't wait to do it again next year.  

Have you ever done anything like this before?  Do you like to send fun surprise boxes in the mail?  Even if you did it for someone you know and just didn't tell them it was coming would be just as fun too.  


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