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So what do you get your son who is turning 11?   We have really been going back and forth on what to get him.  He has been asking for a cell phone for gosh, I don't even know how long now.  We have always told him no.  1- we thought he was always too young before, and 2- we didn't want to add an extra $100 to our cell phone bill.

When we moved here to Arizona though, he started going to a different school from Caleb and Chloe and becoming much more involved in after school sports. I found myself a few times wishing he had a way to contact me from school about when sports schedules had changed and once he forgot his shirt for Hockey.  So then Jacob and I started talking that maybe, just maybe it was time to get him his own phone, maybe for his 11th birthday.

I started doing some research on possibly doing a plan that is not tied into our current cell phone plan so we don't have all the fees of adding a new line, and having to add another data package.  That is when we found the Walmart Family Mobile Plus.  This is exactly what we were looking for!

The Walmart Family Mobile Plus plan featrues Unlimited Talk, Text and Data which includes up to 10GB of 4G LTE data PLUS a free movie on VUDU ($7 value) every month per line.  All of this for only $49.88 per month.  This is the most amazing value for a plan.  He is 11 so even though we are putting restrictions on how much he can use it because school needs to still be first priority, but we won't have to worry about him going over his data or calls because this plan has everything he needs and then some.  This is even more than our personal cell phone planned combined between Jacob and I.

Plus a free movie every month.  That is so exciting because we usually rent at least one movie on the weekends while we are at home enjoying some family time. Last night we watched our FREE movie on VUDU.  We all pilled into our bed and set up the laptop and relaxed with our movie.  I enjoy this kind of family time so much.  There is  comfort in knowing we are saving money not only on our cell phone plan now, but on renting a movie each month.  

Another reason I am so excited about this Walmart Family Mobile Plus plan is because my current cell phone provider gets not so stellar service inside our house.  I mean like none what so ever. There are maybe 2 spots in the house that will occasionally get a text or call, but even if you don't move the phone, it will then often loose that one dot.  So with this service he gets better service than me, so now we may be able to cancel our home phone that we had to get in case of an emergency.  But with having another cell phone that actually works in the house, it will save us even more by canceling our home phone that we never use.  

Providing him with this phone will also allow him to stay more connected to family back in California.  It is hard on the kids being away from all their cousins, so now he will be able to call them without the worries of it costing us money on that home phone we never use, or limited time talking on my cell phone when we are out running errands and service works.

So once we decided that this was indeed perfect for what we wanted, we headed to Walmart to pick out the phone we wanted to get for him.

The plan information and phones are found in the Electronic Department at your local Walmart.   Everything you need to get started is right in one spot all together.  This made finding what we needed very easy.  

I picked out a phone that I think is perfect for him.  I went with the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime for a super value rollback price of only $79.92.  
Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to http://cbi.as/28aqc or your local Walmart for current pricing

Jacob loves to listen to music so with this new phone he is able to also listen to music at home while he does his homework. 

How would you use your Walmart Family Mobile Plus plan?  When would you use your free VUDU movie each month?  

Don't wait! Head to Walmart and get this deal in your hands too!  

I am so excited we found this plan that is ending up saving our family money with the low cost plan, the free movie and the ability to cancel our home phone.  What is not to love about that?  


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  1. Your son looks so happy with his new phone! Win-win - he has a new phone and now you know he's connected and can reach you without going over on data! #client