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Part of my big plan for 2016 has been to be more organized in all areas of life.  I wanted to know that I was on top of things that can easily be done ahead of time etc.  One of these things was meal preps.  I used to make some meals and make and extra for the freezer. I have really gotten out of this habit.  So I started making a list in my planner of meal ideas that I can do this with.  

My first one was breakfast meals.  Jacob gets up really early for work (4am) and it takes him 45 minutes to drive to work each day. He doesn't have time before work to sit down and eat a meal, and sometimes he is hungry at work before lunch time.  For him to drive through McDonalds on his way, yes is easy, but can get costly if done on a daily basis.  So I came up with a plan to make him sausage biscuits and freeze them so when I make his lunch each night, I throw two in there and they are defrosted by the morning time.  Then once he gets to work he can just microwave them and enjoy.  I do fry 2 hashbrowns every morning for him to take as well.  
Not only is it so easy to make a big batch of them ahead of time for the entire week, it is so much more cost effective too.  Ill do the breakdown for you so you can see too.  
I start by buying 2 cans of biscuits.  This will give me 16 cooked biscuits.  I cook those in the oven.  While those are cooking I pull out the roll of sausage from the fridge. I was at first buying a big bag of frozen premade sausages, but we like the roll of uncooked sausage better, and it costs a little less too. From one roll of sausage I can get 8 patties.  I cut the patties down and fry them in a pan while the biscuits are cooking.  
Once the sausages and biscuits are done I assemble the sandwiches.

I cut the biscuit in half, add a sausage and a slice of cheese. It is that easy.  I then wrap them in a piece of foil and fill up the freezer with them.  

Each night when I make Jacob's dinner, I take two from the freezer and put them in his lunch bag. By morning they are defrosted and he eats them when he gets to work.  

Let me share this cost break down for you.  

  • 1 can of biscuits - on sale I can get them for .99 each, but normally they run about $1.44 (x2) = $2.88
  • 1 pack of 24 slices of american cheese $2.50
  • 1 roll of uncooked sausage $1.97 (x2)= $3.94

  • 16 biscuits from 2 cans = $2.88/16 = .18 per biscuit
  • 24 slices of cheese for $2.50/24 = .10 per slice of cheese
  • 8 sausages per roll.  16 sausage patties = $3.94/16 = .25 per sausage
So each sausage biscuit will cost me to make .53 CENTS!!  

I also get a package of 12 hashbrown patties for $2.00  = .17 per hashbrown.  So I send him to work each morning with 2 sausage biscuits and 2 hashbrowns.  This means his breakfast every morning only cost us $1.40.  
This means for an entire week his breakfast costs us only $7.00.  

Now if he went to McDonalds here is what it would cost.
  • Sausage biscuit $1.00 EACH
  • add cheese .30 EACH 
  • Hashbrown $1.00 EACH
  • Total $4.60 PER DAY
  • Total for a week $23.00 
So for a total savings of $16.00 PER WEEK = $64.00 PER MONTH.  Wow !

It may not seem like much to just spend a few bucks everymorning on the way to work to get a quick bite to eat but it really can add up.  
So to spend a little time once a week to make it all ahead of time we are saving $64 a month.  I am still in shock that it really is that much.  

So worth the little bit of time I would say!

We got bacon on sale recently for $1.97 a pack (same price as the sausage so I did them with bacon instead of sausage, and on a few I even did bacon and sausage).  

  • Pancakes/Waffles- I like to also make a big batch of pancakes or waffles and then freeze the rest in ziplock baggies.  I usually put about 2 per baggie.  Then we just unzip it, toss it in the microwave for a bit (always just depends) until they are heated through.  So quick and easy for school mornings. 
  • Breakfast burritos - We make this breakfast bowl on the weekends alot. It is just diced up and fried potatoes, ground breakfast sausage and diced up bacon.  We eat it in a bowl, with cheese over the top.  Then I like to take the rest and wrap them in tortillas and freeze them for the weekdays. 
  • Smoothie baggies- I haven't done this one yet, but I really want to try it soon.  You take all of the ingredients you want in a breakfast smoothie and throw it into a zip lock baggie.  Then the morning you want it, you throw it all into a blender and it is done.  So easy.  
  • Lasagna/ Spaghetti Sauce -Well let me start with this first.  Usually when I make spaghetti I make enough for an entire army.  But I do this on purpose.  We have it for dinner that night, and Jacob's lunch the next day and then I take the left over sauce and do one of two things with it.  I will either freeze it just like that for the next time we have spaghetti or make lasagna. Now when I freeze just the sauce I double bag it and mark the date on the front with a sharpie.
    When I make lasagna I will usually make 2 if I have enough sauce left over.  I make them in the foil trays you can buy for cheap at Walmart. I then cover them in foil and mark on the top what they are and the date I made them.  Then I throw them in the freezer for a quick weeknight meal.  All I do is pull it out that morning, and bake it that evening and all the hard prep work is already done.  
  • Ground Beef- I like to put frozen raw meat in the freezer to just pull out on nights I need it.  But I also sometimes try to do the prep work ahead of time.  So I will brown a big batch of ground beef ahead of time.  Then I will seperate it into different groups, I will add taco seasoning to some and freeze 2 pounds of cooked and seasoned meat, and some I will not season for other recipes that we need ground beef for.  
  • Shredded Chicken- I do the same concept with the chicken that I do with the ground beef.  I just don't season it at all, I just cook it, shred it and freeze it that way.  
  • Enchiladas- We only eat green chili chicken enchiladas.  So I make a big batch or two , usually on a night we are having it already for dinner.  I make it in a big foil tray, cover it in foil , mark it and throw it in the freezer. 
  • Homemade Bean and cheese Burritos- After a night of tacos for dinner, or burritos I will take an extra pack of flour tortillas, fill them with beans, taco meat and cheese.  Wrap each one up.  Then I will usually flash freeze them and then wrap each one up in saran wrap and put them all in a large ziplock bag and toss in the freezer.  

These are the most common ones I try to do on a regular basis, but I have been thinking of making some chicken tortilla soup and then freezing them in individual tupperwares for weekday lunches for me while the kids are at school.  YUM.

I love having a plan with our meals.  For a long time back in CA, I got lazy about going to the grocery store because I just hated it and I would end up going every few days, or sometimes daily for dinner stuff.  In the end that would cost us so much money because I would pick up extra things each time I went and then we ate dinner late if I wasn't going to the store until after the kids got out of school, or we would resort to just eating out because there was nothing planned out or at home to cook.  

Right now I don't have much stocked up in the freezer so I am planning on adding a few of these things real soon back into the freezer.  

What are your favorite freezer meal prep meals? I always love new ideas.  

Thanks for stopping by.  


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