Random Ramblings: OUR SPRING BREAK 2016

Monday, March 14, 2016


This week the kids have been on Spring Break.  I am grateful for this week of rest and getting some projects done. Jacob still had to work and the kids and I had no plans.  Which is exactly how I wanted it and thankful for the down time at home this past week.

Little Jacob started the week by not feeling great, but nothing major and then he was fine.  He just rested a lot on Monday.  

I was able to get a few projects done too which I am so excited about.  
I got some frames hung in the hallway, which I love how it came out.  I got rid of a bunch of frames when we moved, so I found a few at the thrift store on Friday and then used some that I did have.  Now to get them filled with photos.  
First official day of Spring Break! 
We got a rain storm one night.  We were in the house and thought the loud noises we were hearing were the wind, but when Jacob went out to the garage he realized it was thunder.  Then we heard tons of thunder and saw a bunch of lightening.  He called us out to the garage and it was not just raining, but hailing hard.  

Last Friday I found this bookcase cabinet at a local thrift store for $15.  Marked down from its original $35. SCORE.  I took a picture of it and sent it to Jacob.  He told me to go ahead and get it. So Chloe and I went back and paid for it, then Jacob took us back on Saturday and we picked it up.  Chloe and I started painting it white for her room on Monday. I am still working on it because it still needs more coats and I have already painted 3 coats on it.  

I used some old soda cans my neighbors gave me and whipped up this box for it in a few hours.  I spray painted the cans with chalkboard paint. I originally wanted to put herbs in them, but I think I might just use them as small vases.  I think I want to add some black brackets on the corners too. 

We made some chocolate chip cookies.  Let me just say these are the BEST homemade chocolate chips cookies I have ever made.  They were thick and fluffy and soft. SO good.  I will be sharing the recipe I found real soon.  

I finally sanded down some wood dice I had and painted the dots on them.  Just the turqouise ones, I still  have some brown and white ones to do.  

Little Jacob made me breakfast in bed the other day when I wasn't feeling great and had a big headache.  He fried me some hashbrowns, peeled a hard boiled egg and brought me a greek yogurt.
Friday morning little Jacob was awake at 4:30am crying with pain in his left ear and couldn't sleep.  I gave his some tylenol and put some peroxide in his ear.  He fell back asleep for a bit but his ear was really hurting. I know if he is crying then he has got to be in a ton of pain.  So once he woke up again that morning we took him to Urgent Care.  He has an ear infection and they gave us a prescription for some medicated ear drops.  They did not have the medication at the first 4 pharmacies we went to, and finally I found them at Fry's when I called.  So in the mean time I had to give him some Tylenol and motrin to help with the fever and pain.  

After we left Urgent Care I pulled into Walmart (the first pharmacy) and was going to grab a few groceries while we waited for his prescription to be filled, and I then realized that all the kids were asleep in the car. I said oh heck no there is no way I am waking them all up, taking little Jacob out in the wind to wait around in Walmart. So I just pulled out and went through the drive thru.  So glad I did since they did not have the medication in stock.  They all slept the entire time we drove to all the pharmacies, and all the way home.  When we got home I sat in the car an additional 10 minutes and just let them sleep.  

Saturday I got the grocery shopping done and Caleb went with me.  Jacob stayed home with Chloe and little Jacob.  I was able to get little Jacob's ear medication because Urgent Care called in a new one for me.  YAY!! He was still running an on and off fever all day.  We made dinner early and watched Supercross.  
It was exciting to watch our guy Ryan Dungey hit a record and become the record holder for most consecutive podium finishes.  He is so humble and only works hard to push forward.  He never blames a bad ride on anyone and is never disrespectful to any other riders.  This is why we love him so much.  I only dream one day we will get to meet him in person, and is beautiful wife Lindsay.  :)

Sunday we made a quick trip to Home Depot for some wood for sign orders, and stopped at Walmart for more sprite for little Jacob.  Then we came home and Jacob washed his truck, I painted more on the bookcase (that is seeming to take a million coats of paint lol) and Caleb and Chloe rode their bikes while little Jacob sat in the garage in my chair and relaxed.  Then Jacob made us a big grilled chicken salad for dinner and we watched The Walking Dead.

Everyone was back in bed at normal bed time too.

It wasn't a Spring Break filled with tons of plans, and it was just perfect.  I enjoyed staying home and relaxing and the kids enjoyed it too so that is all that mattered.  We did set up Caleb's tent in the living room, and he only ended up sleeping in it one night lol.

Do you have Spring Break plans this year?


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