Random Ramblings: PROJECT LIFE 2016 - WEEK 4

Saturday, March 19, 2016


I got really behind on sharing my PROJECT LIFE layouts with you this year.  So I am going to do a quick catch up the next week or so.  

First I just have to say again how much I am loving the PROJECT LIFE APP. It is so easy to stay on top of it.  I even got behind by a few week and in one day I was able to just plug in all the photos to the templates, add my journaling and I was done.  

I have kept my pages pretty simple with a uniformed look of all white journaling cards.  I debated about using the fun cute ones, but I really wanted to focus this year on actually completing an entire year so I wanted there to be no hold ups on design, just focus on the photos and the story.  I also like the simple clean look of all the journaling cards in all white.  I pick a title card in one of three colors -turquoise, black/white or grey, then I do a different color for the one card that may fill in with the journaling cards if I need one for that week. 

So here is this weeks recap.


JANUARY 17, 2016 - JANUARY 23, 2016

  • The kids washing their bikes out front. 
  • All kinds of toys in the tub and shower from My Little Ponies to reptiles - all of which are Chloe's
  • Laying in bed all day with Chloe because she wasn't feeling well.  I love this picture of us I am going to frame it.  
  • No School for Martin Luther King Jr Day so the boys made us all breakfast.
  • Chloe's 6th Birthday.  The kids were all still sick, so I let them stay home from school. We celebrated by having her open her gifts before daddy left for work, playing with her new easy bake oven, I made homemade donuts for breakfast, she painted and napped, and we had dinner then per her request for dessert chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles.  
  • Finished up this Dirtbike Sign for the boys room.
  • Still sick kiddos.
  • New shoes that we ordered using some Payless Shoe Source gift cards they got for Christmas. 
  • Chloe painting all day and making a ton of pictures.  Little Jacob painting with her for a bit too.  
How is your project life coming along?  Do you use the app, the digital version or the physical stuff for this year?  


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