Random Ramblings: April 2016

Friday, April 29, 2016


This little guy is finally back home with us.

Monday morning he left us to go on a 5th grade camping trip for school.  I was so excited that he got to go and have this awesome experience, but I sure missed him.

It is hard when you see your children growing up and becoming dependent and don't need you there every waking moment.  Don't get me wrong, I mean I also truly love seeing the young man he it turning out to be at the same time.  

Isn't it just that as a parent, it is so rewarding and so upsetting at the same time.  You want them to stay little forever, but you want to see what they become and what they will be like as they grow and learn and experience life all on their own.  

Ok back to little Jacob.
They left Monday morning from the school.  We had to drop him off at 9am.  I am glad Jacob got to go into work late that morning so that he could be there too when we dropped him off.
I know my little guy was a bit nervous, he has never been away from us like this before either.  The night before he was having a hard time falling asleep and ended up coming in our room and I told him he could sleep on the futon at the end of our bed.  So he did.  

Because of his foot there was no way he would be able to hike the 5 miles to the cabins so he was able to drive up there with one of the mom chaperons.  I am so thankful for that, so that he was still able to go and have this experience.  I worry that there will be things in his life that will try to stop him from being able to do things, because of his foot issues.  Which I am waiting on all his medical records from Children's Hospital of Los Angeles so I can get him an orthopedic appointment here soon.

They returned home on Wednesday afternoon about 2:45 pm.  It was so good to see him get off that bus.  
I did have to laugh a little to myself when he got off because his face was a little dirty and I wondered if he ever washed his face.  lol.  Oh the joys of boys camping in the woods for 3 days. 

In the car he told me all about it.  I then noticed his clothes were the same ones he wore to camp... He said he never showered, none of the boys did.  EYE YI YI.  But oh well, boys will be boys.  He said he only brushed his teeth once, but really I wonder if that is even true!.  :)  

They got alot of snow while they were there.  His bunk dad let them stay up each night until 10:30.  They all had to make sure they were up and ready for breakfast each morning.  

When we were waiting for them to unload his bags from the bus there was little boy sitting on the wall close to Jacob and he looked so sad.  Little Jacob talked to him a few times and later in the car I asked him what was wrong.  The little boy was having a hard time without his mom at camp, even crying.  So the first night our little guy said he would lay on the bed with him and just talk to him to help comfort him.  They ended up falling asleep while they were on the bed.  This warmed my heart so much that our little guy would care so much and offer to comfort this little boy missing his family.
These are the moments that you cherish as a parent when they are growing and makes them not being able to stay little forever, so totally worth them growing up.

They had activities to do each day while they were there, they had yummy food, and sang camp songs.  He said they didn't sit around the fire because it was too cold. 

He looked exhausted though that is for sure.  So I let him stay home from school yesterday so that he could recuperate and get some rest.  

I am glad he had such a good time and got to go on this amazing experience.  

Have your kids ever gone away to camp for school?  

Now I am off to get ready because I am tagging along on Miss Chloe's zoo field trip today.  I even get to ride on the bus with her, and that makes her so excited.
I love these kids of ours and I couldn't imagine my life without them.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A COFFEE BAR WITH Dunkin' Donuts®

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #DunkinCreamers#CollectiveBias

Have you ever seen something you loved and wanted in your house immediately?  That was me recently. I don't drink coffee but Jacob drinks it all the time.
On instagram recently I kept seeing all these coffee bars and it was so inspiring.  I knew I was obsessing over them so much that I HAD to have one too.  

So I thought it would be fun to share with you some steps to creating your own coffee bar at home and inspired by Dunkin' Donuts®.

There are a few things you need to get started.  
1. A table/ cabinet/ shelf - something.  Anything to put the coffee maker on.  I got mine at a thrift store for $6.00.  Total score.  

2. A coffee pot/ Keurig - something to make coffee with.  

3. Shelf for above the cabinet to hang mugs from.  It could just be hooks on the wall too. 

4. Dunkin' Donuts® Coffee Creamer Singles.  With these you can now enjoy the taste of Dunkin' Donuts® Coffee Creamer from anywhere.  What is better than right in your own home.  They are singles, that do not require to be refrigerated.  They are creamy and full of flavor.  They have 3 flavors available : Caramel, Vanilla and Hazelnut.  
They are perfect and convenient because they are affordable that  we can buy a box for him to have at home and one to take to work with him in his office too.  

5.  Of course last but not least you need coffee.  We just recently switched to using ground coffee in a reusable filter for the Keurig. However thought don't forget about the  Dunkin’ K-Cup® packs.  They are made especially for your Keurig® K-Cup® brewing system and come in a range of flavors and varieties.  Instead of ground coffee in this jar we used to store our k-Cup packs.  

The things I listed above are just the necessity things you will need to start any coffee bar.  

The rest of these things are just details to make your coffee bar unique to you and your home.  
Some fun elements that I added to decorate and spruce up our space were little things I just had around the house.  

* The metal bucket on top of the shelf I got at a garage sale for $2.00
* The plant inside the metal bucket I got at a thrift store months ago, it was just somewhere in the house so I moved it to here and love it SO much more in this spot.  I love adding greenery to any area. 
* The mugs are my RaeDunn mugs and the only 2 that I own.  I love them so much.  
* The metal chalkboard my mother in law bought me a few weeks ago when we were in CA visiting.  

Now where to put your coffee bar is another question. 
We have a big open kitchen/dining room/living room area.  So as soon as I became obsessed with making a coffee bar in our home I thought this would be the perfect spot for ours. 
It is right by the kitchen still, but not in the way of our daily routines.  

Let me talk about where to get the necessity things.
* The table cabinet : you can build one/ use one from another room in your house/ buy one at a thrift store or garage sale.  Use your imagination. A bakers rack anything that can hold the essentials.  
You can find them on the Coffee aisle. 

*The shelf with the hooks I got at Ross, but any shelf will do even if it doesn't have hooks.  Use your imagination here too. 
* Keurig  or any coffee pot will work.  You can find so many varieties and brands right at Walmart while you are picking up you other items to create this space.   
* No metal bucket?  That is ok - what about a pitcher and cream and sugar bowls that match your kitchen colors.  

Where to put your coffee bar. 

Putting your coffee bar is simple once you have all they key items. 
* Place your cabinet/table where you want it.
* Add coffee pot on top
*Add coffee 
* Add Dunkin' Donuts® Coffee Creamer Singles in a jar next to your coffee for easy access. 
* Mugs on a shelf or hook
* Fun little decorative details.  

Once you have created this unique space you can brew yourself a cup of coffee and sit down and admire your coffee bar. 

I love this little coffee bar and the Dunkin' Donuts® Coffee Creamer Singles. It is easy for my husband to come home from work and make himself a nice cup of coffee with some Dunkin' Donuts® Caramel Creamer and relax for a few minutes before dinner and the nightly routine continues.  I have to say I like a few  Dunkin' Donuts® Caramel Creamers in my hot chocolate too.  But shhh don't tell the kids because then they might use them all.  :)  

What is your favorite way to drink your coffee?
Do you have a perfect spot to create a coffee bar in your home?  If you do create one I would love to see it.  Share me your link in the comments.  

Have a great day and go enjoy a cup of cofee!


Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Yesterday I was over on the CLEAR SCRAPS CREATING MADE EASY KIT CLUB BLOG with this Hello card and a banner. 

I love creating cards to have on hand when I need them. It is easier than trying to hustle when I need a card right away. 
As soon as I saw the chipboard kites I knew I wanted to turn it into a card of some kind. 
I also LOVE shaker cards. I think they are just so much fun not only to make, but receive as well.

I took the chipboard kite piece and colored it with some copic markers. I colored the outside rim and the tales of the kites. 
I colored the bows on the kite tales a blue and light blue color as well.

Then I traced the kites onto two different patterend papers and cut them out and adhered them to the chipboard kites. 
I distressed the edges of the kite papers before I adhered them down.

Then I took some clear packaging I had from the kit ( a great way to use up things that would otherwise be trash ).
I trimmed it down to the exact size of the kite piece and adhered it directly to the back of the kite panel.

After that I used two layers of double sided foam tape cut down into tiny slivers to only go around the edge
of the kite panel. I wanted it to be two layers so that it gave enought room for the shaker pieces to really
move around inside the card.

Once I did that I cut down a piece of cloud looking patterend paper from the kit so it was ready once I filled
the card. I then sprinkled in some chunky glitter and sequins into the clear panel. I peeled up the backing
off the foam tape and layed down the cloud paper.

After that I adhered the entire panel to a premade white card base I had on hand. I added some letter stickers
from the kit to say hello on the front of the card and a sticker from the kit on one of the kites for a finishing touch.

Now it is all ready when I need a card to stick in the mail. I love how the sequins and glitter move around behind the kites.
Something else that I love to do is use album pages to create banners. I think I just have a thing for banners. 
What I thought would be so much fun with this album is all the pages were different shapes and sizes, so the banner would
definately be unique.

I wanted to alternate with the chipboard pieces and the clear pieces, so I just layed them out in the order that I liked the best. 
I attached them all together with some twine I had on hand.

Then I cut down some of the patterend papers from the kit for the banner pages and adhered them to just the three middle banner flags. 
I then cut out some quotes from the cut apart cardstock sheet in the kit and added those to the first and last banner flags.

I added some glitter cardstock cut down into strips on the quote cards to make it look like washi tape. 
I then created three black rosettes in small, medium and large for the middle banner flags. I adhered those right to the middle of each 
banner flag.

I then used the same gold glitter cardstock and cut out Mr. & Mrs. using my silhouette cameo. I then adhered those directly to the 
middle of the black rosettes.

Thanks for stopping by.  

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Today I am over on the CLEAR SCRAPS CREATING MADE EASY BLOG sharing this layout.  

I created it with the April 2016 kit.  I used one of the cut apart cards for my title, and the clear square border under the title card to add a little fun detail without taking away from my photos. I used some gold glitter cardstock to give the look of washi tape.  I finished off the layout with some twine and stickers.   


Sunday, April 3, 2016


JANUARY 31, 2016 - FEBRUARY 6, 2016

  • Chloe thought it was so funny to make silly faces at daddy when he dosed off on the couch. 
  • It was snowing good this morning so after they first called late start for school, then ended up cancelling it for the day. The kids played in it for a bit but it was so cold. 
  • Chloe let me actually do her hair one morning.
  • Chloe did great on her very first spelling test. 
  • Chloe working on her class Valentine's.
  • The new books I bought Caleb and Chloe from the school book fair. 
  • Chloe actually let me do her hair again - that is twice in one week. 
  • We are playing Monopoly at our grocery store.  I hope we win something.
  • Caleb wanted a picture with me for his phone. 
  • Chloe often begs for homework. 
  • When you find that the kids put a frozen twig in the freezer to keep forever.  

Saturday, April 2, 2016


JANUARY 24, 2016 - JANUARY 30, 2016

  • Chloe playing mommy, and having me take care of her baby - which makes me the baby doll grandma. 
  • Caleb has been such a help every morning make the school lunches for him and Jacob.
  • I signed up with YOUNIQUE as a presenter and will now be selling makeup. I hope that it can bring us in a little extra income.  Something is better than nothing.   

  • I am loving playing with the makeup samples that Katie sent me.  
  • I am still loving my new Get to Work planner.  I love color coordinating everything in it. 
  • Playing with my new YOUNIQUE mascara.  LOVE this stuff it is amazing. 
  • Hockey fills our Friday nights now.  This is little Jacob's new quarter sport at school.  Fridays also seem to be our new soup for dinner night.  
  • Jacob made homemade egg rolls and chow mein and I made some chicken lettuce wraps.  Man it was all so good.  

How is your PROJECT LIFE 2016 coming along? 


Friday, April 1, 2016


I know that the first official day of spring has passed, but now that it is April 1st, in my own mind it now officially feels like Spring is in the air.  

Do you have any plans for this spring?  We never make any set plans just for each season, but the seasons do make us want to do different things.  

Some things I would like to do more of this spring are things like:

* More walks to the park on the weekends
* More eating dinner on the back patio
* More trips to the lake like we did on Easter, but this time maybe bbq and fish while we are there too, or even just sandwiches to eat. 

These are just some of the things I would like to do more of.  

We are most likely going to California this coming Wednesday for a few days.  Jacob has a few days off work and we didn't get to do anything durning spring break so we thought it would be fun.  

What is on your Spring To-Do list?