Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Yesterday I was over on the CLEAR SCRAPS CREATING MADE EASY KIT CLUB BLOG with this Hello card and a banner. 

I love creating cards to have on hand when I need them. It is easier than trying to hustle when I need a card right away. 
As soon as I saw the chipboard kites I knew I wanted to turn it into a card of some kind. 
I also LOVE shaker cards. I think they are just so much fun not only to make, but receive as well.

I took the chipboard kite piece and colored it with some copic markers. I colored the outside rim and the tales of the kites. 
I colored the bows on the kite tales a blue and light blue color as well.

Then I traced the kites onto two different patterend papers and cut them out and adhered them to the chipboard kites. 
I distressed the edges of the kite papers before I adhered them down.

Then I took some clear packaging I had from the kit ( a great way to use up things that would otherwise be trash ).
I trimmed it down to the exact size of the kite piece and adhered it directly to the back of the kite panel.

After that I used two layers of double sided foam tape cut down into tiny slivers to only go around the edge
of the kite panel. I wanted it to be two layers so that it gave enought room for the shaker pieces to really
move around inside the card.

Once I did that I cut down a piece of cloud looking patterend paper from the kit so it was ready once I filled
the card. I then sprinkled in some chunky glitter and sequins into the clear panel. I peeled up the backing
off the foam tape and layed down the cloud paper.

After that I adhered the entire panel to a premade white card base I had on hand. I added some letter stickers
from the kit to say hello on the front of the card and a sticker from the kit on one of the kites for a finishing touch.

Now it is all ready when I need a card to stick in the mail. I love how the sequins and glitter move around behind the kites.
Something else that I love to do is use album pages to create banners. I think I just have a thing for banners. 
What I thought would be so much fun with this album is all the pages were different shapes and sizes, so the banner would
definately be unique.

I wanted to alternate with the chipboard pieces and the clear pieces, so I just layed them out in the order that I liked the best. 
I attached them all together with some twine I had on hand.

Then I cut down some of the patterend papers from the kit for the banner pages and adhered them to just the three middle banner flags. 
I then cut out some quotes from the cut apart cardstock sheet in the kit and added those to the first and last banner flags.

I added some glitter cardstock cut down into strips on the quote cards to make it look like washi tape. 
I then created three black rosettes in small, medium and large for the middle banner flags. I adhered those right to the middle of each 
banner flag.

I then used the same gold glitter cardstock and cut out Mr. & Mrs. using my silhouette cameo. I then adhered those directly to the 
middle of the black rosettes.

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