Tuesday, May 10, 2016


I have to say that one of my very favorite rooms in our entire house is Chloe's room. She is 6 and I think her room is so pretty.  

When we moved I already knew that we were going to change her room into these colors. I was over the zebra long before we moved, but it was much easier to change everything after the move.  So that is what we did.  

So when we moved here the only thing we had left for her room was the bed and her dresser.  This room she didn't really have many wall to put furniture up against.  So I put her brown dresser in her closet to help save space out in the actual bedroom.  

The first thing we bought was the new comforter.  I did some looking and online window shopping before we moved and I thought about making her a new comforter but when we found this one at Target I just fell in love with it and knew we had to get it.  I ordered it online and picked it up at our local store the next day.  

One of my most favorite elements in her room are the lights on her bed. I think it gives such a magical glow feeling to the room.  
I found them on clearance last summer right after we moved in the house and they have been in the closet since then. I never had an exact plan for them, until I was working on her room and I found them in our closet and knew they were meant for her room. 
I think I paid $3.00 for the set.

She loves the glow of the lights too.  I think for her they are like a bunch of small night lights right on her bed. 
This her the other night, seeming much to old for her age.  She was writing in what she called her diary, and watching my little pony on my phone while doing so.  TOO OLD I tell ya!!  

I then found the desk on one of the local yard sale pages.  It started out brown and I sanded the heck out of it and then Jacob painted the entire thing white for me. I spray painted the drawer knobs a dark purple color - because that is what I had on hand.  
I still want to paint her chair and I think I will do it a mint color.  Just for added fun and color.  
The chalkboard is the one that I made for her room back in California, which I do still want to paint the frame white eventually, but I don't think it looks bad in black though.  

The lamp on her desk I found at a thrift store that had an ugly shade, so I got rid of the shade, and found this one at another thrift store, but it doesn't fit the lamp so I have to figure out how to make it work.  
The little cups on her desk came from the Target dollar spot.  

I got the lavender curtain panels on clearance at Walmart for I think it was $6 each.  Maybe $9?  I am not positive.  
Behind the lavneder panels are some layered white sheers.  They are the ones that we have in our bedroom and after the move we didn't have as many windows so it worked perfect to use them in here.  
The cat poster came from the school book fair. I was actually pretty excited she picked a poster that matched her room.  :) lol.

I needed somewhere to store all the tons of stuffed animals she has. So I built her a shelf to go above her closet.  We have raised ceilings so it is nice to be able to use up some space up high.  

I did buy this cube cabinet new at Walmart right after we moved in, because we needed a place for some of her things.  She likes to just stuff random things in those colored bins, even thought I had a purpose for each one of them.  Oh well... 

I got the white shelf at a local thrift store for $1.29!!  It was dirty and faded and had some yellow discoloration on it. I just took a can of white spray paint to it and it is like brand new. 

I got the mint hello at Target in the dollar spot. I made the purple sign for her room. It says "Always kiss me goodnight".  I got the purple jar at the dollar store.  
I got the lavender frame at a thrift store right after we moved in for like $1.00.  I know what pictures I want to put in there, I just need to print them.  

I got the glass lavender lamp at a garage sale the last time we went out to California.

I used a big glass jar I had on hand to store all of her crayons.  She always had crayons in a ton of places, and I like the way it looks all of them together in one place and it makes a fun decoration piece for her room too.  
The flower hook my mother in law bought at Kirklands the last time we were in California as well.  

Right before the kids Spring Break I got this book case and it was my project to get it painted white for her room.  Her books used to just be in this corner on the ground.  I had been looking for something for this spot but didn't want to have to pay over $30 for a new tall bookcase from Walmart or Target that didn't even come in white and then have to paint it after that too.  So I found this bookcase/cabinet at the thrift store for $15.  I couldn't pass it up.  
But it was such a pain to paint.It is that fake wood stuff so it was the shiny like stuff so it took I swear a million coats of paint.  It took me so long to get it all done.  But ya I finally did and I LOVE it so much in here.  It just adds that last touch that the room needed.  

It fit all her books and I added some of her favorite stuffed animals to the top of it.  
The rocking chair that is falling apart was mine when I was a little girl, so I can't get rid of it. I just need to fix it already.  I want to add the letters READ to the wall above the small rocking chair in mint and lavender to match the room too.  Like her own little reading nook.  

Here is a progress photo I shared on instagram of me and Chloe painting the bookcase.  
 Here was the corner before the bookcase.  Man it used to drive me nuts and if you tried to grab one book the entire thing would just fall all over the groud. 

Oh and of course I made the wood signs for her wall above her bed.  My plan is to fill this space with all signs that match her room.  This is just the start.  Writing this though makes me want to go make another one to add to the area.  

I just love her precious little room, but it does make me sad at the same time.  It isn't a baby room anymore, and before I know it I won't have much say to her room anymore and she will not let me have any say what it looks like.  But for now I love her special space and I hope she loves it just as much.  I think it is just so her.  The colors, everything.  

What is your favorite room in your house?  What does your daughters room look like?  What colors are in her room?  



  1. Her room turned out beautiful! I LOVE lavender, so of course I'm obsessed with her bedspread! We are doing Evelyn's room soon, so this will be nice inspiration! Those lights are also such a great idea!

    1. OH thank you so much. I am obsessed with her room too. I always tell her I would live in there if I could lol. I know her comforter is what started the whole thing lol. I can't wait to see Evelyn's room!