Random Ramblings: FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Two weeks ago we decided to have a family fun movie night in.  Caleb had mentioned that week that he wanted us to all watch the Minions movie on Netflix.  So I thought it would be a perfect family movie night.  

So once we got home from school and Jacob got home from work, none of us were really hungry to make a big dinner, so we just had a whatever night and had leftovers from the fridge.  

We brought out the popcorn maker and popcorn bowls just to add to the fun.  That day I had gotten a great deal on M&M's so we decided that would be our movie candy.  

We popped the popcorn and the kids wanted me to add some of the candy in with their popcorn. Ok sure, whatever floats your boat lol.  

The kids had so much fun watching the popcorn pop.  I have to admit it is fun for me too to watch. 

It was such a nice enjoyable night.  We don't always get time to do things like this so it was an nice way to spend time together as a family just enjoying some little things.  

Now I hope to have many more of these not only this summer but all year long.

Do you have a set movie night with the family? What kind of snacks do you have?  

I think our next movie will be Hotel Transylvania 2.


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