Random Ramblings: HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY

Monday, May 30, 2016


How are you spending your day today?

We have been spending the day at home relaxing today.  Much needed and enjoyed for sure.

Jacob got up and made us all potato bowls for breakfast.

Then we just kind of relaxed on the couch and watched Can't Buy Me Love and then The Babysitters Club.  Oldies but goodies. Then we put on How To Make An American Quilt, but we both dosed off while the kids were playing out back and in their rooms.

Then Jacob did an oil change on his truck and I decided to take a shower.

I now have a cinnamon bun cake in the oven for after dinner.

Jacob just finished washing his truck and then is going to start the bbq.  We are having bbq chicken, fresh corn on the cob, homemade potato salad, some left over cheese dogs from the other night and cantaloupe.

I ran to Walmart earlier to get Jacob his oil filter and grabbed 2 Redbox movies for us to watch tonight too.  I got Ride Along 2 and Concussion.

As his wedding day approaches, Ben heads to Miami with his soon-to-be brother-in-law James to bring down a drug dealer who's supplying the dealers of Atlanta with product.

In Pittsburgh, accomplished pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu uncovers the truth about brain damage in football players who suffer repeated concussions in the course of normal play.

Now I am off to play on pinterest for a bit until we put in the movies.  
Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day.  


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