Friday, May 6, 2016


This year Teacher Appreciation Week fell on a 4 day school week.  The PTA sent out some suggestions and they asked for donations because they were doing raffles and prizes and gifts for all the teachers that week.  

I decided, like usual to do our own thing and send Caleb and Chloe's teachers each something myself everyday of the week.  

Since last Monday they didn't have school for a teacher work day, we only did 4 gifts.  

Tuesday we started with a box of hand lotions.  I found these at the Dollar Tree.  They were perfect and as soon as I saw them, I knew that is what I had to get for one of the days.  

I printed a tag I found HERE at eighteen25.com .I just did an online search to get some ideas for a tag, and came across this one and just fell in love with them.  So I printed the sheet and cut two of them out that matched that box of lotions.  I then mounted the tag on a coordinating color of cardstock that matched the lotion boxes.  
I distressed the edges of the colored cardstock, just for fun and tied the tags on with some twine.  
I had each of the kids sign their names at the bottom of the tags. 

Wednesday we sent some apple cinnamon mini muffins in a tupperware.  I found a printable tag that was perfect for this too.  I found these tags HERE at Big Ideas little Cents .  They were designed as a Valentine's Day printable, but I used them for this.  I just printed the tags again and tied them to the tupperware with more twine.  The twine kept slipping off so I just used a little scotch tape to hold them in place.  

I just had the kids sign the back of these tags. 

On Thursday they took personalized tumblers.  I made these and added each teacher's name to the apple side of the cup.  I love gifts like this that are personalized.  It is just an added little touch to let each teacher know how much we love them. 
I finished off each tumbler with a big red ribbon tied into a bow on the top of each. 

Friday was the last day, and I knew that this was the day I wanted to send a potted flower for each of them. 
I knew I wanted a tag of some kind on a stick in with the flowers, so I just designed this one and printed it out.  I used glue dots to attach it to the dowel and added it to the pot.  I had each of them sign their names before I attached them to the stick . 

I always love to show our love for my kids teachers.  They spend all day with them, teaching them, loving them and being their in your place while they are at school.  They are guiding our children and that is no small task, so I think they deserve to be treated more than just a week out of the school year.  

It doesn't even have to cost alot, it is always just the thought that counts.
Most of everything I got was from the dollar store, or around a dollar.  If I didn't already have it on hand.

Do you send your child's teacher gifts?  

I have some ideas for the end of the year gifts as well.  I will share when I decide for sure.  


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